Raspberry Pi Android port debuts on video

first_imgYou’ve probably heard of a little (really, physically little) device called the Raspberry Pi. This is a super-small form factor Linux PC running on a 700MHz ARM chip with 256MB of RAM that sells for $25. As with all gadgets these days, it’s not a real product until someone has ported Android to it. Today, the Raspberry Pi became a real gadget.On the Raspberry Pi blog, developers posted the first screenshots and video of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Raspberry Pi. It has apparently been in the works internally for a few months, but those involved have opted to keep it under wraps until now.The custom build of Android, pulled from the Android Open Source Project libraries, is already coming along nicely on the the Raspberry Pi’s modest hardware. Most of the apps you’re familiar with are missing because this is a bone stock version of the OS with no closed-source code. Already the UI is fairly fluid, stock mouse/keyboard input is working, and hardware accelerated video is functional. Audio is still the one major feature that needs work.In the video preview, we see the Gallery app working to index and play back videos. The app drawer seems snappy, and the YouTube app (likely sideloaded) can stream HD video quite well. The home screen also appears to work. The developers are careful to point out that some of the software doesn’t match what is currently available in GitHub, but the two code lines might be merged soon.via Raspberry Pilast_img

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