Moroccans in Spain Absent From Spanish Political Life

Rabat- The Moroccan immigrant community in Spain is known for being disengaged and having little interest in Spanish political life, a reputation that has resulted in their low representation and public visibility, despite being the largest Muslim community in Spain, with 800,000 people.As a result, Moroccans living in Spain are unaware of how to protect their rights as a minority, as was highlighted during a recent forum held by the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME).Moroccan elites within the country also have minimal qualifications, which leaves the community with few religious opportunities, Jarchich Mohamed, a member of the Spanish Council, was quoted by EFE as saying. Mohamed, who offers religious counseling to Moroccan prisoners in Spain, was one of those attending the Forum for Moroccan imams living in Spain. Islamic discourse among Moroccan immigrants in Spain was one of the topics discussed at the event.There is also a division within the Moroccan Muslim community itself, which makes community development difficult and creates religious confusion.Some Moroccans follow the rules of Islam according to their traditional upbringing in Morocco, while others follow a Saudi Arabian practice and others connect with their religious community through social media and the Internet.“The division that exists within the Moroccan Muslim community makes it very difficult for imams living in Spain to get through to the youth,” said Mohamed.This disengagement within the Muslim and Moroccan communities is proving to be harmful for the social and religious growth of the young Muslim Moroccan population in Spain, not to mention the rapid spread of Islamophobia and the upcoming revisions to Islamic religious discourse in the country, which are sure to be more than discouraging for the next generation.

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