A tale of two Guyanas…

first_img…the winter of despairWith the French Revolution as the backdrop, Charles Dickens began his novel, “A Tale of Two Cities” – referring to Paris and London, of course – with the immortal first line: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”Well, with the PNC exhibiting all the signs of repeating the excesses of its Burnhamite iteration to hold on to power by any means necessary – and then some! – many Guyanese have been plunged into a “winter of despair”. There were high hopes after 1992 that the change in Government after free and fair elections had signalled an end to the “worst of times” and “the age of foolishness”.There was hope that the PNC would’ve learnt that democratic government under the rule of law was the only way forward, after their dictatorial rule had plunged even their supporters into untold misery and suffering in the 28-year age of darkness. But it was not to be. Squeaking into office by the tiniest of margins – a single seat, representing 5000 votes – they immediately demonstrated that their “coalition” was just a Trojan Horse to pick up where the old PNC had left off.Their Cabinet, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments were so dominated by African-Guyanese that even their own supporters were incredulous. They obviously had learnt the hard way that ruling with one race group was a sure-fire way to compete with Haiti for the “shithole” country prize.Against this background it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the PNC has been so contemptuous of the Constitution; the latter is just a bother to dictators! The signs were there from the beginning, when Granger insisted that the ruling by the Chief Justice — that not only a former Judge could chair GECOM — was just her “perception”, and he was entitled to his!! He was just channelling his hero Burnham!!So the latest PNC stunt — to meet as a Cabinet on Tuesday and declare that there’d be no incarceration for possession of small amounts of weed — is just another thumbing of their nose to the CCJ, which has just ruled that the President and Cabinet stands RESIGNED.Their volte face to then assert that the decision had been made last April when they met in Linden is just ‘mamaguying’.It doesn’t matter what the CCJ orders, the PNC will bully their way through!!…the spring of hopeMaybe it’s more than fortuity that the results of the NGSA were announced on the same day as the PNC’s disdainful treatment of the CCJ’s judgement. Your Eyewitness believes it’ll be youths — bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they are — who’ll usher in a season of light against the encroaching Stygian darkness of the PNC’s anti-democratic rule.Surely, the PNC will not be able to sell them their zero-sum approach of “if it’s not us, it’ll be THEM!” The youths can see that from next year. There will be enough to go around for all of us to make a decent life. There’s no need for the PNC’s scorched earth tactics to hold on to power. Such an approach tells us clearly that they’re ultimately only concerned with their own survival, and not even with those who’re supporting them because of the fears they’ve whipped up.They say, “out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom”, and comes the next elections, they’ll demonstrate that wisdom to the PNC!!Yes…it will be the best of times!!…rural and urbanIt’s more than symbolic that, again, the top two students at this year’s NGSA are from rural areas. For too long, Guyana had seen the urban schools dominate.Thanks to the PPP for creating “an epoch of belief” in rural schools!!last_img read more

School to empower Malawian girls

first_imgStudioMDA’s artist aerial impression of the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls. Some of the girls to enroll at the academy have been orphaned by the aids epidemic. Madonna unveiling the site of the academy in 2009. (Images: Raising Malawi) MEDIA CONTACTS • StudioMDA Academy designers +1 212 343 3330 mail@studiomda.com RELATED ARTICLES • Malawi: Africa’s warm heart • SA comics team up for charity • Celebrities on sale for charity • Epic run to put smiles on facesBongani NkosiThe words “dare to dream” signified the beginning of an inspiring journey as Madonna, the acclaimed US pop star, laid the first brick, inscribed with the adage, for the construction of Raising Malawi Academy for Girls – a school she’s building in Malawi.Madonna attended the ceremony on 6 March to mark the start of construction of the academy, located in a village on the outskirts of the country’s capital Lilongwe. The US$15-million (R108.9-million) academy is part of Raising Malawi, an NGO the singer co-founded with Kabbalah rabbi Michael Berg in 2006.It will accommodate about 450 girls from across Malawi’s 28 districts, and hopefully will enrol those from some of the Southern African country’s most impoverished families. “Our academy will educate, protect, and empower … young girls who are Malawi‘s hope for the future,” Madonna said in a statement.The academy, designed by New York-based architect company StudioMDA, will sit on a 46ha plot, according to design blog Inhabitat.This land was secured from 200 villagers who were compensated with about $115 000 (R844 000) in total to be relocated. While they were reluctant to vacate the village, the government convinced them that the academy would benefit the country, and also offered them land to build new houses.The vision for the academy is that it will fulfil a much bigger role than just that of a school, as it will also serve as a “family and support centre for many orphaned girls who have been left to raise their brothers and sisters”, said Raising Malawi. “It will also be a source of protection and access to medical care and regular meals.”Inhabitat reports that the school will offer a library, an administration building, a dining hall, a gymnasium, a wellness centre, a sports field, 30 classrooms, 12 dormitories and 18 staff houses.“… Most importantly it will be an outstanding school,” said Raising Malawi. “Never before will so many Malawian children have access to a school library, or be able to hold a textbook of their own.”Developers are building the school using Hydraform bricks, a form of non-burnt bricks which cuts down on deforestation in Malawi, Inhabitat said. The academy will also generate much of its own energy, as its “entire gymnasium roof will be covered in photovoltaic panels to help supply the school with power”.Curbing the brain drainMadonna hopes the school, to be headed by local academic Anjimile Mtila-Oponyo, will produce top professionals such as scientists, lawyers and doctors, who will serve their country. She said part of its aim is to curb the prevalent trend of locals being drawn to Western countries.“We will stop the brain drain happening in so many African nations… our students will receive an internationally competitive education while incorporating local values.”The inclusion of Malawian cultural values will help build national pride in the students, and in turn inspire them to give back to their nation. The local culture will be preserved and passed on, with the incorporation of music, art and dance in the academy’s curriculum.“As an artist, I know the transformative power of art,” Madonna said. “Once instilled with pride in their homeland, young women will understand the importance of remaining in Malawi and investing in their own communities.”Children are the futureThe pop star, who shot to fame in the 1980s, said she was touched when she visited Malawi in 2006. She was devastated by the impact of HIV/Aids in the country, she said, having met scores of children who had been orphaned by the epidemic.She came across children heading their homes and raising other children, and, returning home knowing that the future of the country rested on those young shoulders, was inspired to act.She stated that the education of girls was key to rebuilding communities and raising the nation, and was encouraged by the determination shown by the orphans. “I know they have the strength to save Malawi; they just need to be given the tools.”Madonna has adopted two Malawian children, David Banda and Chifundo ‘Mercy’ James, who accompanied her biological offspring Rocco and Lourdes to this week’s charity tour. The star is also funding a number of charities in the country.“It is with hope for a bright future that I am here. The brick I [laid] is not just the bedrock to a school; it is the foundation for our shared future,” she said.last_img read more

#Nextchat RECAP: How To Build Cultures of Curiosity

first_imgOn April 17 @shrmnextchat chatted with @DrDianeHamilton, #SHRM19 speaker, nationally syndicated radio host, leadership speaker and author of “Cracking the Curiosity Code,” and Creator of Curiosity Code Index to talk about How to Create Cultures of Curiosity. If you missed this excellent #Nextchat filled with great advice for organizations to encourage more curiosity and innovation, you can read all the tweets HERE or below:last_img

What Windows 10 Will—And Won’t—Do

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts david hamilton [Update: See what Microsoft actually announced.]Microsoft’s big Windows 10 event on Wednesday is all but certain to launch the latest beta—technically, a “consumer preview”—of its PC operating system (even if you might not see the mobile version until February). It’s a big moment for ordinary PC users and corporate IT managers all the way up to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and the company he’s straining to reinvent.See also: Holograms! Also, What Else Microsoft Announced At Its Windows 10 EventWindows 10 is essentially Microsoft’s big redo, its olive branch to users put off by the radical and unfriendly design of Windows 8, which tried to shoehorn desktop users into a touch-based interface designed with mobile devices in mind. Early indications for Windows 10 are good; Microsoft has let interested users download a “technical preview” of the Windows 10 desktop version since last October, and has gone out of its way to solicit user feedback and to incorporate it into the OS itself.See also: Meet Microsoft’s Unexpectedly Smart Windows 10 Charm OffensiveOf course, that hasn’t stopped some critics from piling on anyway. “What if Windows 10 Fails?” Computerworld asked breathlessly. Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff opined a few days ago that today’s event is Microsoft’s “last chance to convince the world that Windows still matters.”Failure Is Not An OptionGiven Microsoft’s long slide over the past few years as tablets and even non-Windows laptop alternatives such as Chromebooks displaced Windows PCs in homes and some businesses, you can’t really blame folks for expecting the worst. But the doomsaying largely misses the point.First, unless Windows 10 somehow turns into an utter technical disaster, it’s going to succeed in Microsoft’s core business market. The consumer PC market basically collapsed when the iPad and other tablets ate a lot of the home-based tasks—email, social media and gaming—that previously required laptops. But the business PC market is still going strong, and with Windows 7 starting to show its age, replacement demand alone is likely to buoy Windows 10.Second, while Microsoft’s foray into mobile has been lackluster at best, Windows 10 represents its strongest shot at turning that around, at least on the tablet front. (Absent a miracle, Windows Phone looks like a lost cause.) Low-end PC prices are already collapsing to tablet levels, which is getting close to leveling the playing field for Windows devices.Of course, that’s not close to enough. Much more significant is the fact that Windows 10 will make it far easier for developers to write one app that will run on a variety of devices. This is probably Microsoft’s best shot at staking out a new app ecosystem in the mobile world.See also: The New “One Microsoft” Is—Finally—Poised For The FutureAnd on the consumer side, a Windows 10 feature called Continuum promises to reconfigure the operating system from desktop mode to mobile and back depending on how you’re using a device. Attach a keyboard to a Windows tablet, for example, and the mobile version of Windows 10 will revert to desktop mode. (At least in theory; last September, Microsoft would only demo the feature, saying it wasn’t ready for prime time yet.)Sure, mobile remains a long shot for Microsoft, not least because it still isn’t giving people a compelling reason to choose Windows devices over Apple or Android. But without a solid and user-friendly OS and a strong library of apps, the company has no chance at all in this market.So Windows 10 is table stakes in this game—necessary but not sufficient for success. As ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes puts it:We now live in an era not only where devices get new operating systems for free, but most of the apps people use are also free. People just don’t seem that enthusiastic about updates, and even when they are—over things like iOS releases—it is short-lived. Operating systems are like browsers or an updated app in that they’re just part of the furniture of computing, and not something to get worked up about.Finally, there’s the wild card: the Internet of Things. Some analysts think the transition to a world of innumerable smart, connected devices could be as disruptive to existing businesses as mobile was to Microsoft.See also: Microsoft Sees Its Next Big Thing In The Internet Of ThingsWe know Microsoft has been making big, if still vague, plans for the Internet of Things. And while you’re still not likely to see Windows on your toaster—ever—this sort of transition could offer Microsoft a new opportunity to make its Windows devices essential tools for managing smart homes, businesses and vast numbers of newly intelligent gadgets.What Else To ExpectHere’s a quick checklist of other things Microsoft might talk about at its event:Across the Continuum: It’s finally showtime for this feature, which could be key for making “hybrid” PC-tablet devices truly useful.Cortana on the desktop: Microsoft’s personal assistant, which debuted last year in Windows Phone, looks likely to migrate to all Windows devices. It could also take over many search functions in Windows.New browsers: Look for news on Internet Explorer 12 and its possible successor, a Chrome-ish alternative currently codenamed Spartan.Some gaming integration: Details here are still vague, but Xbox chief Phil Spencer is scheduled for a presentation, and it seems likely that there could be technical changes that make it easier to write games for both PCs and Microsoft’s gaming console.Lead image by download.net.plcenter_img Tags:#Microsoft#Satya Nadella#Windows 10 Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

South Carolina ~ Corporate Income Tax: DOR Issues Guidance on Use of NOLs Following Change in Ownership

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportThe South Carolina Department of Revenue has issues a corporate income tax revenue ruling that provides guidance regarding the Use of net operating losses (NOLS) following a change in ownership.South Carolina adopts IRC §382. However, the South Carolina §382 limitation amount depends on whether the loss corporation conducts its entire business inside South Carolina, or conducts its business partly inside and partly outside South Carolina, during the taxable year that the ownership change occurs. If, during the taxable year that the ownership change occurs, the loss corporation has conducted its entire business inside South Carolina, the federal §382 limitation and the South Carolina §382 limitation generally will be the same. The guidance also states that if the loss corporation has apportioned its South Carolina income/losses because it has conducted its business partly inside and partly outside South Carolina, during the taxable year that the ownership change occurs the South Carolina §382 limitation is calculated by apportioning the federal §382 limitation using the South Carolina apportionment ratio for the taxable year that the ownership change occurs.Taxpayers are reminded that the §382 limitation is an annual limitation on the amount of taxable income that can be offset by a pre-ownership change NOL carryforward. The §382 limitation amount remains the same each year, except in the case of certain built-in gains. Any pre-ownership change South Carolina NOL carryforward that cannot be deducted in the taxable year because of the South Carolina §382 limitation is carried forward to the following year. The South Carolina NOL remains subject to the maximum 20 year carryforward period.The ruling also provides several examples to help provide additional guidance for taxpayers.Revenue Ruling 16-17, South Carolina Department of Revenue, July 6, 2016, ¶400-824last_img read more

This is how we do it

first_imgIt takes more than plain hard work to ace an exam. Toppers on the secret of their success. Pragya Maini, 19LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE, DELHIB.A. English (Honours) 2014HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS Preparing for exams at LSR never feels like a Herculean task. An amazing faculty combined with my,It takes more than plain hard work to ace an exam. Toppers on the secret of their success. Pragya Maini, 19LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE, DELHIB.A. English (Honours) 2014HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS Preparing for exams at LSR never feels like a Herculean task. An amazing faculty combined with my love for the subject makes it a joy ride. I chose to study English literature because I wanted to take up a subject that I really enjoyed. I make sure I take notes in all the classes and a simple revision of the same before the exam helps a lot. Thorough readings of the critical essays provided by our teachers are also beneficial for the university exams.HOW MY FACULTY HELPED I think I am extremely lucky to be studying at one of the best arts college in India. Apart from the many advantages this brings, the passionate, sincere and highly qualified faculty members are one of them. They go that extra mile to advise us even on things that are not a part of our course. In fact, a few of the senior teachers, I’d say, are a perfect combination of a mother and a friend. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I WAS INVOLVED IN With over 20 active societies in college, LSR provides a space for everyone to learn and follow their passions outside of the classrooms. I joined the English Public Speaking and Model United Nations societies in my first year at college and have been a part of it ever since. I handled Political Affairs for LSR Model United Nations Conference in 2013. In my second year, I became the Treasurer of the English Department and this helped me develop a lot of new skills like finding sponsors, pitching proposals and getting funds sanctioned. I can now put these skills to use at LSR Model United Nations Conference 2015 where I am heading the department of finance. I am also heading a project called Sandrishti Swavalambhan which caters to the visually impaired students of our college, as a part of the National Service Scheme-LSR initiative. advertisementMY ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS Along with being the Head Girl of my school DAV Gurgaon, I was a scholar badge holder from 2008-12. I was also given the best all-rounder title during graduation.Mehak Nanner, 23SHRI RAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, DELHIB.Com (Honours) 2012HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS When it comes to studies, I usually followed two rules – maintaining balance throughout the year and planning ahead. For practical subjects like accounts and maths, I practised regularly so that the concepts would be clear in advance. This would also avoid stress and information overload immediately before exams. Closer to the exam date, I would follow a more structured work plan with clear targets for each week. This way I could also plan my study schedule around my extra-curricular commitments.HOW MY FACULTY HELPED I feel that any college and faculty are always very supportive as long as you are a sincere student and ask for help in time. SRCC has bi-weekly tutorials where the class size is much smaller so you get more individual attention. Having said that, you never need to wait for a class or tutorial to ask for help, teachers are always approachable and ready to help students.EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I WAS INVOLVED IN I was actively involved with Enactus during college and served as its President in 2011. Enactus is an international non-profit organisation that enables university students to start social entrepreneurship projects for community development. We undertook three projects that year including Aahar – an effort to provide income to women rescued from trafficking and DU Darshan – a tourism project promoting the heritage sites in North Campus through a rickshaw tour which supplemented income of rickshawpullers. Our team was adjudged second at the Enactus India National Competition out of more than 60 national teams. Apart from that I also conducted interviews for our college magazine Yamuna and participated in exchange programs organised by the University.MY ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS I received the Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Foundation Scholarship for two years in a row in 2010 and 2011 and the Tejpal Aggarwal Gold medal for academic achievementKushagra Gupta, 27INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, MOHALIPGP Management 2014HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS The courses at ISB are very fast paced. We completed one subject in five weeks. Therefore there’s absolutely no question of preparing for exams at the last minute. One has to really understand each subject in depth and that comes with regular study. I made sure that I was prepared in advance for each class. In fact, prep work before lectures is one of best study tools. This helps you get familiar with the basic concepts of the subject beforehand and in understanding what’s being taught by the professors in class much better. Also, I read the Harvard Business Review and watched videos of various concepts being implemented in real-world situations on websites such as Youtube.advertisement HOW MY FACULTY HELPED We could book sessions with the professors for clearing doubts and brushing up on certain topics. The faculty pushed us to follow the mantra -‘learning by doing’ which meant we had to be involved in a lot of real world projects. For instance, for accounting, I had to study and analyse the balance sheets of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Manchester United Football Club.EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I WAS INVOLVED IN I was the Events Coordinator for the ISB Finance Club. For Artha 2013, ISB’s national Capital Markets Conclave, I was the Events Organiser and also the Event Head for ISB’s Stock Pitch Challenge. I was a member of the organising committee of Advaita, ISB’s national-level management fest. I was also the Lead Analyst for iAlpha, ISB’s student mutual fund where we managed assets worth Rs 3.5 lakhs and delivered a return of 15 per cent. Being the team owner of the Punjab Hukkums, a sports franchise in the ISB Sports League which was modeled around the Indian Premier League, we were runners-up and the team owners received a 5 per cent return on investment. At the London Business School, where I completed the final semester of my course, I was the Event Organiser for the India Club.MY ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS At ISB, I was awarded the Scholar of Excellence and Dean’s List holder. I’ve also received many scholarships including the Ratan Tata, JRD Tata and Dorabjee Tata scholarships and the Hindustan Petroleum scholarship.Raaz Dwivedi, 21INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BOMBAYB.Tech Electrical Engineering 2014HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS At IIT Bombay, we didn’t just prepare for the exams but developed a steady and organic learning process for each subject. I liked attending classes and enjoyed making and reading my own notes. I seldom kept any doubts to myself and got them cleared immediately. I always took my assignments seriously and read up on various topics from books as well as online lecture notes, besides practicing a lot of questions including the ones which appeared in the exams over the previous years. I also had many good friends and we enjoyed studying and attempting hard problems together. Often their questions and doubts deepened my understanding of the subject. Whenever I didn’t do well in an exam, I analysed the paper only a few days later when my mind was clear and less stressed. I would then re-attempt all problems and figure out where I went wrong. HOW MY FACULTY HELPED The faculty was very kind in giving us extra study materials, organising extra sessions and interacting with us personally to motivate us. The mathematics department was my second home and I found similar affection and care from the maths professors. Time and again, I had approached many professors to seek guidance on various academic and non-academic issues ranging from course selection to internship, to making a career decision and I continue to keep in touch with them.advertisementEXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I WAS INVOLVED IN At IIT Bombay I got the opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant (TA) from my second year onwards. Over the next three years, I served as a TA ten times, ranging from freshmen and sophomore courses to intensive program for entrants and QEEE program of MHRD, Govt of India.MY ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS I used to actively participate in science exhibitions, quiz and debate competitions up to the national level. One of the most satisfying accomplishment among these was securing second position at the National Quiz on Mahatma Gandhi at New Delhi. I secured All India Rank 10 in IIT JEE. At IIT Bombay I was conferred with ‘President of India Gold Medal’, ‘Institute Silver Medal’ and ‘Best B. Tech. Project Award’ for my academic performance.Ankit Agarwal, 21FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, DELHIMBA 2014HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS I take a very holistic approach to exam preparation, and don’t like to leave any stone unturned. It is good to attend all the classes and be in tune with what’s being taught in the class. Before the exams, always make sure that you cover all the topics that have been taught and don’t leave anything out. Doing your assignments on time is also important. Another good study strategy is to study in groups. I find that, during group studies, we are able to cover a large amount of the course syllabus in a short period of time. This allows you to save a lot of time. To get a sense of the kind of questions which may be asked in the examination, going through the previous year papers helps a lot. An effective exam preparation, in the end, is all about following very simple and basic steps. HOW MY FACULTY HELPED The professors at FMS are very helpful and supportive at all times. They are very approachable and make you feel at home. Everyone makes an extra effort to ensure that students are provided with the best of education at FMS. Here, the faculty members are not only concerned about us getting good grades and passing the examination but they ensure that we understand the subjects being taught thoroughly, which, I believe, is very important in the long run.EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I WAS INVOLVED IN I am an executive member of the Consulting Club at FMS. The Club is fully managed by the students where we undertake the process of liaising with consulting firms to increase their presence at the campus. Our activities mainly revolve around assisting students who want to pursue a career in consulting or general management and strategy. We organise workshops and other events. Apart from this I also participate in various sports.MY ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS I was the topper in both the first and the second semesters at FMS. I’ve done my graduation in B.Tech in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Jalandhar in 2010 after which I joined Infosys where I worked for close to three years before sitting for the Common Admission test (CAT) and getting admission into FMS in 2013. For CAT, I scored 99.6 percentile.Manjunath Rajagopal, 21INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MADRASB.Tech and M.Tech (Dual Degree) Mechanical Engineering 2010-2015HOW I STUDIED FOR THE EXAMS At IIT Madras, professors choose the subject matter for their courses from a variety of textbooks and journals. Therefore, I make an attempt to pay full attention in each class to understand the content being taught, and take exhaustive notes of the same. A quick revision of a couple of text books supplementing the class notes before the exams is more than sufficient. Being a topper opened up a plethora of opportunities for me through internships and research projects, and this brought several new challenges to the table. However, sustaining your performance is crucial. HOW MY FACULTY HELPED I have always received a positive response from my professors for any kind of assistance I have needed right from clarifying my doubts after class hours to securing internships. There are a number of ongoing research and consultancy projects within the department, and faculty members are always keen to rope in interested students in such projects. I have been working with one of the professors for around two years now, and this has given me a good exposure in an emerging field.EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES I WAS INVOLVED INI was involved in the National Service Scheme during my first two years, and engaged in several voluntary community services. In the following years, I was occupied with coordinating several events for Shaastra ,the technical festival of IIT Madras and for Mechanica, my department festival. I also swim or play badminton during my down time.MY ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS I secured the district first rank in the class X board exams. At IIT Madras, I was selected for DAAD-WISE (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship for a research internship at University of Stuttgart, Germany. My research paper has been selected for publication and I presented the same at a conference held in Chicago, USA.last_img read more