Stand up…

first_img…for democracyWe were colonised on the premise that we were all “uncivilised”, unwashed masses, so that our lands could be expropriated and some of us snatched from other expropriated countries by our “betters” and dumped here. For two centuries, as our British “betters” slowly introduced democratic reforms in their own country, they held back on us, since even though we eventually were recognised as humans and “free”, we had to be “tutored” into the ways of democracy!!Our independence politicians indignantly rejected this, and insisted we were actually “precocious”! Well, sadly, ever since the PNC was formed by Burnham in the 1950s at the instigation of the West, it has done nothing more than proven the British were absolutely spot on with their assessment. The PNC just isn’t prepared to accept the norms of democracy. In fact, it wouldn’t recognise democracy if it were to creep up and bite that party on its behind!!So we had 28 years of despotic government under Burnham, who – as exposed by the recently departed Professor Rudy James – had the gall to write his own constitution in 1980 to baptise his dictatorial powers as being “legal”!! Rigging elections eviscerated the procedural aspect of democracy in denying the Guyanese populace any say in who formed their Government, while he insisted that only he knew exactly what the country needed to be “moulded”, even as he destroyed the substantive aspects.The rigging of elections rested in the first insistence on Burnham’s control of the elections machinery in general, and over its Chairmen — CJs Sir Donald Jackson and Sir Harold Bollers in particular.But, to their credit, after the raison ‘d’etre for the western powers to prop up the PNC disappeared with the fall of the Soviet Union, they did attempt to make up for Guyana’s democratic deficit under the PNC. They midwifed “free and fair” elections in 1992 under the aegis of the Carter Center, and the PPP was returned to office.Under an Elections Commission led by bi-partisan selected chairmen, they conducted five elections that were all certified by the international community as “free and fair”.But once the PNC slipped back into power under the democratic system – like Hitler in the Weimar Republic – it immediately worked to corrupt the system and subvert democratic elections to keep itself in power. Granger unilaterally selected James Patterson as GECOM Chair, and he’s now ensured GECOM would circumvent the constitution on the elections’ date.The American, British, Canadian and European (ABCE) Envoys just met with GECOM and “raised concerns over the impact of the impasse on investment”.That’s not enough. They have the moral responsibility to insist that the supreme law of the land – the Constitution – be observed.Elections by March 19!!…for fair labour practicesYour Eyewitness is more than a tad confused by the OFFICIAL state-owned Chronic’s reporting on the labour dispute with RUSAL. After a meeting between Government representatives and the company, the Chronic’s headline blared, “SACKED RUSAL TO BE REINSTATED”. But in the body of the story, they quoted Minister Amna Ally as saying, “That meeting was our first engagement, and we’ve not come to any concrete decision”!! What gives?? Isn’t a headline supposed to summarise the gist of the story and not the wish of the DPI?? Like, say, in the other story they carried under the caption, “No resolution yet in UG, unions wage row”!!But seriously, folks, your Eyewitness’ working-class credentials is as solid as any other working stiff, but isn’t it time we let the company’s story also be told? The RUSAL management says that the bauxite union’s claim to be the representative of the workers isn’t so.Shouldn’t the Trade Union Labour Recognition Board be called in to pronounce on the matter as a threshold issue?…against fleecingWhen will this PNC-led Government insult to our democratic rights stop?? After insulting the Guyanese people by paying US$ millions more for a smaller airport than contracted for, they’ve just added salt to our wounds by announcing massive “security” and “service” fees!!Go fly a kite, Patterson!!last_img read more

A tale of two Guyanas…

first_img…the winter of despairWith the French Revolution as the backdrop, Charles Dickens began his novel, “A Tale of Two Cities” – referring to Paris and London, of course – with the immortal first line: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”Well, with the PNC exhibiting all the signs of repeating the excesses of its Burnhamite iteration to hold on to power by any means necessary – and then some! – many Guyanese have been plunged into a “winter of despair”. There were high hopes after 1992 that the change in Government after free and fair elections had signalled an end to the “worst of times” and “the age of foolishness”.There was hope that the PNC would’ve learnt that democratic government under the rule of law was the only way forward, after their dictatorial rule had plunged even their supporters into untold misery and suffering in the 28-year age of darkness. But it was not to be. Squeaking into office by the tiniest of margins – a single seat, representing 5000 votes – they immediately demonstrated that their “coalition” was just a Trojan Horse to pick up where the old PNC had left off.Their Cabinet, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments were so dominated by African-Guyanese that even their own supporters were incredulous. They obviously had learnt the hard way that ruling with one race group was a sure-fire way to compete with Haiti for the “shithole” country prize.Against this background it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the PNC has been so contemptuous of the Constitution; the latter is just a bother to dictators! The signs were there from the beginning, when Granger insisted that the ruling by the Chief Justice — that not only a former Judge could chair GECOM — was just her “perception”, and he was entitled to his!! He was just channelling his hero Burnham!!So the latest PNC stunt — to meet as a Cabinet on Tuesday and declare that there’d be no incarceration for possession of small amounts of weed — is just another thumbing of their nose to the CCJ, which has just ruled that the President and Cabinet stands RESIGNED.Their volte face to then assert that the decision had been made last April when they met in Linden is just ‘mamaguying’.It doesn’t matter what the CCJ orders, the PNC will bully their way through!!…the spring of hopeMaybe it’s more than fortuity that the results of the NGSA were announced on the same day as the PNC’s disdainful treatment of the CCJ’s judgement. Your Eyewitness believes it’ll be youths — bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as they are — who’ll usher in a season of light against the encroaching Stygian darkness of the PNC’s anti-democratic rule.Surely, the PNC will not be able to sell them their zero-sum approach of “if it’s not us, it’ll be THEM!” The youths can see that from next year. There will be enough to go around for all of us to make a decent life. There’s no need for the PNC’s scorched earth tactics to hold on to power. Such an approach tells us clearly that they’re ultimately only concerned with their own survival, and not even with those who’re supporting them because of the fears they’ve whipped up.They say, “out of the mouths of babes comes wisdom”, and comes the next elections, they’ll demonstrate that wisdom to the PNC!!Yes…it will be the best of times!!…rural and urbanIt’s more than symbolic that, again, the top two students at this year’s NGSA are from rural areas. For too long, Guyana had seen the urban schools dominate.Thanks to the PPP for creating “an epoch of belief” in rural schools!!last_img read more

Spector’s former attorney could be jailed

first_imgSpector, 1989 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee famed in music circles for his layered “Wall of Sound” recording technique, is free on $1 million bail. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Fidler – who ruled the privilege doesn’t apply to possible evidence tampering by the defense – stayed her jail sentence until 4 p.m. today, pending a decision by a state appellate court. That court may stay her sentence further. Caplan testified twice last month at a hearing outside the presence of jurors that she saw defense expert Henry Lee pick up an object in the foyer and place into a vial on Feb. 4, 2003. Prosecutors have long accused Spector’s defense team of withholding part of Clarkson’s acrylic right thumbnail, which they say could prove Spector and Clarkson struggled before she was shot. Defense attorneys have denied the allegation. Fidler ruled May 23 that Lee compromised possible evidence in the case. Lee has vehemently denied allegations of evidence tampering. Clarkson was a Long Beach native best known for her starring role in the 1985 Roger Corman cult film “Barbarian Queen.” A former attorney for Phil Spector could go to jail today for her refusal to testify before jurors in the rock music producer’s murder trial. Spector, 67, is accused of fatally shooting Lana Clarkson, a 40-year-old actress and House of Blues hostess, in the foyer of his Alhambra mansion on Feb. 3, 2003. He maintains Clarkson’s death was a suicide. Sara Caplan, 51, was held in contempt of court last week by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler for refusing to testify for the prosecution in front of the jury. Caplan said her testimony is barred by attorney-client privilege. last_img read more

Jose Mourinho has ‘gone over the top’ with Ashley Barnes attack

first_imgJohn Barnes admits he has sympathy for Ashley Barnes after Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho described his clash with Nemanja Matic as ‘criminal’.The Serbian was sent off for his reaction to the incident during Burnley’s 1-1 Premier League draw at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.The Blues chief appeared on Sky Sports programme Goals on Sunday and said he was unhappy that a red card had not been shown to the Clarets star.The incident plays up to Mourinho’s view that there is an ‘agenda’ against the west London club, but Barnes insists the Portuguese is wrong.“Jose Mourinho has gone a bit over the top a bit about Ashley Barnes,” he told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show. “I have a little bit of sympathy with Ashley Barnes.“It wasn’t even a tackle. He was going to pass the ball to the full back. He’s followed through and caught him.“It looked worse than it actually was. I don’t think you should be attacking players [like that]. Referees are not against Chelsea, they make mistakes. Jose’s gone a bit over the top.”last_img read more

Italy 1-0 Sweden: Azzurri through to last-16 thanks to Eder’s late strike

first_img Italy forward Eder celebrates his late winner against Sweden Italy left it late but booked their place in the Euro 2016 knockout stages with a 1-0 victory over a poor Sweden side, thanks to a wonderful 88th minute goal from striker Eder.It wasn’t a vintage clash in Toulouse, as fans were forced to sit through a largely drab affair which lacked any attacking cutting edge.You could probably count the clear-cut chances on one hand as a shocking miss at the back post from Zlatan Ibrahimovic – though a raised offside flag meant the goal wouldn’t have counted anyway – and Marco Parolo hitting the post were the closest either side came to breaking the deadlock.That was until one moment of brilliant from Eder, who – with just two minutes left on the clock – set off on a brilliant run into the box and tucked a wonderful low finish into the bottom corner to seal a dramatic victory.Both sides came quickly out of the blocks and produced an entertaining end-to-end battle in the opening 20 minutes, though there was little created other than a few dangerous crosses into the area.And that fast-paced start soon descended into a repetitive battle as both teams repeatedly tried, and failed, to utilise their attacking height and score through the same manner.Both sets of defences were alert to the danger and managed to clear time and time again, with Swedish superstar Ibrahimovic particularly frustrated as he produced his side’s only real moments of quality – and they were few.All eyes were on the enigmatic frontman, but with service lacking he dropped deeper and deeper into midfielder in an attempt to have a greater impact on the game.His strength and trickery meant Sweden enjoyed more success through the middle for a time, though his team-mates’ lack of equal quality meant his clever passes were often wasted.The first half ended with supporters screaming for more verve and Southampton’s Graziano Pelle almost provided that for Italy after the break, but his well struck volley sailed over the crossbar.After a drab and disjoined 20 minute period, Sweden then suddenly found space on the right flan and Martin Olsson made the most of it by whipping in an excellent ball for a lurking Ibrahimovic at the back post.He seemed certain to score, but the outgoing PSG frontman failed to hit the target and his toe-poked effort sailed hopelessly over the bar. Thankfully for the player a raised offside flag spared his blushes.Soon, though, it was an Italian who was guilty of another wasted chance, as Marco Parolo saw his header clatter off the crossbar from only six yards out, following a great ball from Emanuele Giaccherini. With just seven minutes remaining, it seemed certain there would be back-to-back 0-0 draws after Germany and Poland’s stalemate on Thursday night.But, out of nowhere, Italy finally broke the deadlock at the death.The Swedish back-four had coped with Italy’s attacking threat for most of the game, but they were undone by one moment of magic from Eder, who beat four defenders in an electric run and finished brilliantly past Andreas Isaksson to seal a late win.It’s a great result for the Republic of Ireland, who remain second in Group E and will have the opportunity to seal their place in the knock-out stages if they beat Belgium on Saturday. 1last_img read more

Six Flags weighs thrill park options

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE11 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Dec. 27-Jan. 2“When you walk into the Disneyland park everything is clean. There’s people working continuously, they have a smile on their face – you feel safe there.” Six Flags Inc., Magic Mountain’s corporate owner, is trying hard to attract families like the Pearsons. Out of a concern that teenage thrill seekers don’t have as much money to spend in a theme park as parents, the New York-based Six Flags says it needs more family visitors. To that end, it has scrapped some promotional specials that allowed teens to get in cheap. “The bottom line is, because the whole brand had been so discounted, teens used the park like they would the mall,” said Wendy Goldberg, spokeswoman for Six Flags. “That is something that we addressed across all our parks.” But Six Flags also needs to dig out from $2.1 billion in debt. So it announced this week that Magic Mountain and five other properties across the country could be sold, with the proceeds being used to bite into that debt. The company has acknowledged facing setbacks in its push to attract more families. And Jack Kyser, chief economist with the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, sees challenges for Magic Mountain. “In any large public place, or place that’s relatively inexpensive to get in, you do have a problem with what they consider rowdy teenagers,” Kyser said. “And some people would take it down to, well, gang bangers.” To combat that image, Magic Mountain imposed strict security guidelines a decade ago, denying admission to would-be customers dressed in gang attire. The result was a number of lawsuits claiming discrimination; following one class-action suit citing racial profiling, the company agreed to a $5.6 million settlement and pledged $3 million to add security. Magic Mountain contracted with the Sheriff’s Department to patrol the grounds. A small substation of four deputies and a sergeant was established. “We haven’t had any major disturbances since I got here,” said Sgt. Dean Currie, who started working at the park in February. “This year has actually been an excellent year for Magic Mountain.” “In the past there have been large groups fighting with each other. Not large groups, five to six – sometimes up to 10.” Teenagers coming back from the park on Friday said they like the park for the adrenaline rush they get on a big ride. In interviews, many said the park is not rowdy. “That’s,” Julio Tellez, 18, said after giving a mock shove to his friend, “the most violence we’ve seen all day.” Magic Mountain, which has been marketed as the “Xtreme park,” has invested heavily in the kinds of heart-pumping rides that attract coaster enthusiasts and teenagers. And teens have come to the park from far and wide. Edwin Herrera, 19, who came to the park from Long Beach with his friends, said the park needs teens. “The families have little kids and everything,” he said. “They don’t let them go to the big rides and the teenagers can go to whatever they want, so I think they’ll be losing money.” The park has also created special attractions for young children at Magic Mountain. Six Flags has discussed possibly selling Magic Mountain for its underlying land value. A going price for the park has been estimated at up to $250 million. But don’t expect housing to be built on the park anytime soon, Kyser said. Recent development projects have run into roadblocks concerning traffic and water issues, and community opposition, he said. (661) 257-5253160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! VALENCIA – As its corporate owner contemplates a sale of the thrill park, the future of Magic Mountain may hinge on its ability to attract customers like the Pearsons. The Castaic family lives a short drive away from Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. But instead of making that drive, they bought a season pass for Disneyland in Anaheim. It’s been a decade since Laura Pearson visited Magic Mountain. But Pearson, whose children are 11 and 13, has heard things about the 17-roller-coaster park. “What I’ve heard is that it’s not a great place for kids. … Not the cleanest place in the world,” she said. last_img read more

Highlanders clinch BWP title

first_img7:30 p.m., La Habra High School clinched its second consecutive Freeway League boys water polo championship and sixth in seven years with a 14-8 victory over visiting Fullerton Wednesday afterrnoon. Brad Vincent led the way with six goals and goalkeeper Mike Ramirez recorded 12 saves. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECalifornia’s bungled $1 billion accounting system 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

The Premier League players with the most all-time consecutive starts revealed

first_img 20 =6. Gary Kelly made 99 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Leeds United 20 20 20 =15. Gareth Southgate made 84 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Crystal Palace and Aston Villa 20 20 20 =17. Ahmed Elmohamady made 82 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Hull City – click the right arrow above to see the players with the most consecutive starts in the Premier League… =12. Darren Fletcher has made 86 consecutive starts in the Premier League for West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City =15. Robbie Earle made 84 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Wimbledon =12. Sylvain Distin made 86 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Manchester City 20 20 3. Frank Lampard made 112 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Chelsea =12. Gary Pallister made 86 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Manchester United =17. Steve Bruce made 82 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Manchester United – Bruce never made an appearance for England’s senior side Getty Images – Getty 20 20 =17. Paul Merson made 82 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Arsenal center_img 20 10. Roger Johnson made 89 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Birmingham City and Wolves 9. Denis Irwin made 90 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Manchester United 20 20 20 =6. Leighton Baines made 99 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Everton 11. Wes Morgan made 88 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Leicester City 20 2. Wayne Bridge made 113 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Southampton 20 20 5. Jonathan Walters made 102 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Stoke City 4. Alan Shearer made 107 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Blackburn Rovers Cesar Azpilicueta was named as a substitute for Wednesday’s Premier League fixture between Chelsea and Swansea, ending a run of 74 consecutive league starts in which he had played every single minute.The defender has been a stalwart for the Blues under both Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, having been used at left-back, centre-back and as a wing-back on both sides of the pitch. Incredibly, the one position he rarely features in is the one in which he is natural – the right side of a four-man defence.To make 74 consecutive starts in the Premier League is no mean feat, but – quite remarkably – Azpilicueta falls eight games short of making the top 20 of outfield players with most consecutive starts in the first division since 1992-93.So, who are those players? Click the right arrow, above, to find out…*All data correct as of 30/11/2017. Only consecutive appearances made in the Premier League by outfield players counted. 20 =17. Alan Wright made 82 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Aston Villa =6. Stewart Downing made 99 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Middlesbrough 20 1. Matt Holland made 115 consecutive starts in the Premier League for Ipswich Town and Charlton Athleticlast_img read more

Walt Disney World Preview — Week of September 2

first_imgAttractions Closed For RefurbishmentsMagic Kingdom:The Hall of PresidentsStitch’s Great EscapeSplash MountainThat’s it for today. See you next week! Share This!If you’ve never visited Walt Disney World when the crowds are at a 1 (yes, I said a one), now’s the time to do it. Read on for news, park hours, and more!Special EventsThe Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is in full swing! Have you seen our video overview?Speaking of Epcot, new and returning musical acts have been announced. These groups can be found around World Showcase at pavilions such as Canada, Germany, and Morocco.For those staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Roaring Fork is open after receiving a facelift. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!WeatherFor the most current weather conditions, click here!Crowd Levels(Very low crowd levels are indicated in green.)For more information about crowd levels, click here!Park Hourslast_img read more

WPCampus 2016: Takeaways from “Getting to WordPress”

first_imgFor 301 redirects, you can use .htaccess (which can be slow), a redirection plugin, or do-it-yourselfNeed to migrate a Drupal theme to WordPress? Unfortunately, there’s no direct option, you’ll need to do it manually.Stephanie kindly posted her presentation slides from her presentation. Did you attend the session? Add your comments or other resources in the comments. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedWeekly Roundup of Web Design and Development Resources: July 22, 2016In this week’s web design and development resources roundup, you’ll learn about the principles of UX design, find out how to make your web apps more accessible, discover how to improve security and performance with your external links, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday I publish…In “Web design & development links”May 31, 2019 Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development NewsIn this week’s web design and development news roundup, you’ll learn 8 tips for conducting user interviews over the phone, find an updated guide for maintaining content in WordPress, discover a tool to generate CSS Grid markup, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday I publish a…In “Web design & development links”Weekly Roundup of Web Design and Development News: November 18, 2016In this week’s web design and development resources roundup, you’ll learn four ways to declutter your design, find out how designing accessible sites affects everyone, discover how to share an unpublished WordPress post, and more. If you’re new to my blog, each Friday I publish a post highlighting my favorite…In “Web design & development links” Have you ever had the task of importing content into WordPress? From a legacy home-grown content management system? Or perhaps Drupal or Dreamweaver? Did you know what steps to take to make sure the content migrated correctly? At her Getting to WordPress session at last weekend’s WPCampus 2016 conference, Stephanie Leary shared tips and examples from real projects for moving content into a WordPress site. Though I didn’t attend WPCampus 2016 in person, thanks to livestream, I was able to watch sessions online. Here are my notes from Stephanie’s talk: Moving content is a can be a pain. You can’t count on everything importing correctly. Be ready to do some cleanup work after importing.It’s like moving to a new house. You have to look at all your stuff, figure out what you want to keep, and what you want to toss. Then you get to box up everything. Or you hire a moving company to box it up and move it. And sometimes, even when the box has a big red “kitchen” label, the box ends up in upstairs bedroom. Do your homework: check the WordPress Codex for importing content. The Codex includes info for importing content from over 50 systems, including Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Mambo, and more. Take a look at it, you’ll find lots of helpful information and resources.Three options for importing: WP All Import premium plugin, HTML Import free plugin, or do-it-yourself.Create your content model. Will you mirror or improve? Tools to help you: GenerateWP, Custom Post Type UI, Advanced Custom Fields.When you’re ready to export, check your date formatting, character encoding, link and image paths (are they relative or absolute?).Turn off any auto-publicize tools or plugins before you import content. Otherwise, you run the risk of all your existing content being posted on Facebook or tweeted. Again. Oops!Notify sysadmins before the import, in case of memory or other issues. I remember this was an issue for me for one of my projects. Sysadmins are your friends!After the import, get help from plugins for updates and changes: Search and Replace (one of my favorites!), Term Management Tools, and Content Audit (no more spreadsheets, create a content audit in WordPress).For reviewing content that you’ve imported, Admin Columns plugin is great, ~ @sleary. #WPCampus— Deborah Edwards-Onoro (@redcrew) July 16, 2016last_img read more