To obtain orders from the experience of the website promotion start

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for the enterprise website, are generally so several modules, enterprise introduction, news list, a list of products and so on, how to let visitors enter the site a out of the ordinary feelings? O he think, seize the visitors, can not use too long time, their lack of patience, in the internal web site, visitors will need information, bold marked red, so that visitors can see more intuitive, the best thing you can do is

third, a convenient channel for

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love since Shanghai launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm begins more and more people began to discuss the user experience, both in the chain, content and frame, indicates that can get good rankings in fall in love with the sea. Site experience represents the user for the website recognition, also indicates that the future development of the website. So how to improve the experience of the

fourth, the latest content display

web site, how to let visitors first see the advantages or site features (such as price, brand, size, etc.) is the website can expand key customer base location.

website?First, highlight the characteristics of the web site

second, mark the visitor’s needs

now, what things are efficient, therefore, it is necessary to establish the search page. For example, micro-blog ", " hot topic; love Shanghai " Search Ranking " and so on, is to let visitors convenient operation set. Although the function is not difficult to do, but the meaning is very big

online shopping clothes, to pick up Taobao. The shop sells clothes from beyond count, win? First, photograph; second, third, fourth sales price;; evaluation. Light to the surface of the work done is not enough, you should put the hot and nice clothes store placed the feedback page, and do some renderings (how many pieces of selling etc.). Visitors to enter the store, can see at a glance selling clothes, immediately produce a positive or a sense of trust to the shop.

believes that many webmaster use CNZZ traffic statistical tools, have seen 1 IP visitors only 1 PV phenomenon, what does it mean? This shows that visitors enter the site in some ways, at a glance the site closed, can be said that this part of the customer value is very low. However, you have not thought about, they are often the site of the future development of security! For example, as we go to the store to buy clothes, because around, may go out only a glance. If this time, has a good marketing personnel to understand your love style of clothing, and strongly recommended, you will not be more than just began to enter a shop, want to buy a

new things, in order to get attention, many websites do not know, not knowing the latest hot topic, can bring the number of visitors to your website. For the latest content, even if visitors do not think how valuable, but at least.

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