Link exchange as businesses trading occupy the initiative to bargain.

site link exchange should also learn to businesses that can buy "behavior, namely the inducements tactics, while others want to exchange your website chain you find each other’s site quality is not high enough, this time you can take half way through the negotiation dialogue, tactful let each other take high quality website to the website chain exchange, if the person is sincere exchange to friends of the chain and your site, then took out his long cherished website, that’s when you harvest, may exchange to a high quality website with a medium the quality of the website, this is the strategy and tactics.

we look at this a link exchange information, 5 written authority from the Google weights, can be said that this person is very clever, the maximum play advantage of exchange their own website, four words, 39 high weight Forum Forum, media reports, the authorities will be pushed to the blog a relatively high level, it enlightens us that we in the exchange links must be from the well-known Tishi value of the website, let the exchange feel the advantage, this is a high bargaining skills exchange links, on the important information on our website at a level of advertising, let the other pay attention to our website, and come up with a high quality chain website and we exchange, this is our tactical success.

We must be patient when

link exchange has been a theme of the webmaster forum and QQ links, can see a lot of links in the forum to exchange information, some of which link exchange information written on the other I admire, we at the A5 forum which opens a link to exchange information, it can be found that the real Title attractive, what are not limited to exchange links more good, in fact he said there is no limited snapshot it, a reference standard is the snapshot link exchange.


in the link exchange, live firmly in mind, to know how many links exchange not successful is that the two sides can not calm down, we will link the exchange as a business, if we want to exchange links, then we are the buyers, we will go to exchange good links pay a certain amount of resources. If someone else is to come to us to exchange links, to occupy a certain height, then we must, in exchange for his useful resources, I think the link exchange as businesses trading is a reason, you can seize the hard bargain opportunities.


when we take on the exchange of a chain to the cunning of the fox spirit, which is appropriate to take the initiative to go out and active defense, when they do not want to exchange links we take the initiative to consult each other to exchange links, and that time perhaps the other side does not want to exchange links, but I do not give up, the three day.

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