To avoid the competition website keywords station


1, focus on a page, there is conducive to the construction of the chain and the chain focusing weights, get better ranking.

2, focus on one page, intentnesses, multiplier.

in communication with the owners, Shanghai dragon Er, usually found such a misunderstanding: the same keywords can use multiple pages within the site to compete, so when the search keywords, can hold more ranking results, and even if a page there is a problem, there will be other pages as select. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. I think that more than one page to avoid competition with a keyword.

this is a misunderstanding, need to cause the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER and the attention of consumers.

2, the rest of the page to do the long tail keywords target.

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with a website more than one page competition the same keywords wrong idea

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, multiple pages of a web site (sub domain) should avoid competition with a keyword, otherwise you are likely to fall into a thankless task, empty the point.

avoid multiple pages competing for the same reason


1, a target keyword corresponds to a page.

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3, multiple pages competing for a keyword, love Shanghai will only give it the highest weight page ranking, the rest of the page directly off.

1, occupy more of the search results, click to get more traffic.

2, even if a web page ranking drop, there are still other pages to replace, not The whole army was wiped out.



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