Air pollution control, we are in action

in October 17th, 18, the Xining Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, visited the south ring section of Beijing Tibet expressway construction site, Shen Shen Zhai Jia Gou landfill, Zhai Bao Hao East District Coal Distribution Co. Ltd., on-site supervision check the air pollution comprehensive management. (Xining evening news October 20th)

in fact, prior to this, Xining city will study and formulate a "comprehensive air pollution control action plan", plan 29 governance to carry out the work of city dust pollution, motor vehicle exhaust pollution, coal smoke pollution, industrial pollution, ecological protection and construction, social participation and Control Engineering 6 aspects, heavy air pollution.

seems that Xining is going to spend a lot of effort to control air pollution. It is reported that in August 7th, accompanied by vice governor of Qinghai province Zhang Jianmin person in charge of relevant departments, to Xining, Haidong city two investigation of air pollution prevention and control work, to further improve the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, dust control, vehicle detection guidance. Provinces and cities have led the main inspection guide personally, we believe will achieve greater results.

City, the habitat of each person, each person has the right or the right to supervise the city’s environment and ecology. Xining can be achieved today, it is not easy, we should cherish a beautiful double circle. However, in our efforts, some people, some enterprises or factories in the destruction of our home round. We have to say no to these enterprises, will not allow them to destroy our land.

October 21st, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau strict control, pollution control. As of now, check the dining, bathing and other operating households more than 210 households, 5 households barbecue ban Road, on the 35 catering business issued a rectification notice; in October 17th, Xining city traffic police detachment, in order to prevent large trucks and muck truck caused pollution to the Xining city center city, the traffic police department. Divided into 4 area, limiting large trucks and muck cars entering the city center…… A vigorous air pollution control work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

, however, there are still some companies that are polluting their own interests for the sake of their own interests. Tonight at Qinghai a TV news channel, according to the reporter said, saw the white pollution in Xining Nanchuan river today, from the observation point of view, is the enterprise of sewage discharged. Look, this is the side of the government in strict governance pollution, while some enterprises in their own way.

according to statistics, the pollution in Xining is mainly manifested in the natural gas heating boiler has not changed (because of Xining’s relatively long heating period), car exhaust emissions of automobile rapid growth of city is serious, part of the sewage directly discharged into the river, in addition to a number of chemical enterprises.

governance air pollution, governments at all levels have taken action, and the clarion call for air pollution has been sounded. As to how to govern;

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