Datong County held Xie Gou Xiang family planning policy and the comfort Action Forum

August 16, 2012, Xie Gou Xiang Ji Sheng Zhan village planning organization and advocates of women of childbearing age held family planning policy and the "Fu Kang" Action Forum, mayor Comrade Liu Ronglin explained in detail the current preferential policy planning, deputy mayor Comrade Ma Yiyuan of "Xie Gou Xiang Fu Jia Kang" action made a brief summary and arrangements.

during the forum, Xie Gou Xiang leadership and women talk about women in the family planning work demand, women of childbearing age who actively speak, put forward their own existence in life, production and reproductive health care, family planning and other aspects of the preferential policy of new problems and difficulties, through face-to-face communication of childbearing age women more in-depth understanding of the "comfort" action and family planning preferential policies. At the same time issued a population and family planning policy guidance, 202 series of "blessing home" action propaganda series.


through seminars, interactive and cooperative combination, the organization of women of childbearing age face to face, heart to heart warm teaching, some rules of written language into easy to understand, easy to remember, people can understand the language, truly achieve the objective into the brain and heart.


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