City Health Bureau to actively participate in the city’s 2011 three countryside activities launching

is to conscientiously implement the Party Congress and thoroughly implement the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, Scientific Outlook on Development, to further accelerate the construction of new socialist countryside, in December 17th, by the Municipal Committee of the organization on the "urban and rural civilization, hand in hand to build a civilization" as the theme of the city’s culture, science and technology, health "three to the countryside" campaign launch ceremony in Huangzhong County village held five and on the occasion, kicked off in 2011 three countryside activities.

activities the same day, the City Health Bureau to actively organize the municipal health supervision, the city of a hospital, the city center for disease prevention and treatment of 3 health institutions attended the launching ceremony. The combination of professional features, the scene set up a medical consultation, clinic, disease prevention and supervision service station. City, a hospital sent to send inside, outside, women, children, traditional Chinese medicine, skin, care and other 11 experts, the scene to provide various types of services and consulting services for the villagers, free distribution of drugs, blood pressure measurement, etc.. City health authority through knowledge widely publicized food safety laws and regulations, enhance the legal awareness, farmers’ rights awareness and knowledge of food safety, in the broad masses of peasants to create a good atmosphere for everyone involved, pay attention to food safety. The key to the city CDC propaganda "communicable disease prevention act", health and disease prevention knowledge, immunization prevention knowledge and tuberculosis, AIDS prevention and control knowledge as the main content, improve the rural masses of the infectious disease prevention and control knowledge and awareness of self health care.

according to statistics, the event has dispatched 24 medical personnel, 4 hanging banners, display panels 8, health education, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and other promotional materials issued a total of 3700 copies, infectious disease prevention and health knowledge manual, pictures and other 1300 copies. The clinic, consulting 240 passengers, 165 passengers free blood pressure measurement.


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