North City Archives actively participate in the city’s Archives Law campaign

in September 4th, to commemorate the archives law promulgated the 25 anniversary of the legal publicity exhibition held in front of the Xining municipal government. The promotional activities include the archives law, the image of the display panel and file business advisory activities for a week. I produced four panels participated in the promotional activities, so that the general public to better understand the laws and regulations of the archives, to understand the work of archives, archives utilization, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, enhance legal knowledge.
through many years of hard work, the quality of Chengbei district archives workers increased significantly, the national archives consciousness obvious enhancement, active use of archives to protect their legitimate rights and interests of people increased significantly. From the previous few citizens to access archives to archives, now average every day there are many farmers, city residents take the initiative to find the use of archives, the party and the state, all levels of government on employment, social insurance, medical care, housing and other policy documents and land, real estate, marriage and contract files, fully reflects the achievements of development North District archives.
I make the panels together closely related with people’s archives of legal knowledge, introduces the contents of archives, archives show Development Zone north of the city, make archives and archival work into the community, close to the people, better services for the construction of socialist harmonious society, to further enhance the social consciousness of archives, expand the influence of the archives and archives work.


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