Kunshan started to buy two suites purchase

is now the most popular real estate sector than the purchase of the policy, a few days ago, the introduction of the purchase of Nanjing policy, directly led to a lot of people also want to buy a house to buy a house phenomenon. 28, 2009, the Jiangsu municipal government announced on its official website, "Kunshan to strengthen the implementation of the views of the real estate market management" (referred to as the "opinions"), the Kunshan municipal government. Requirements from 29 onwards, the adjustment of non domicile residents purchase policy, thus, this August house prices rose ranked the country’s third county-level cities officially opened the purchase mode.

from December 2015 onwards, Kunshan and even the whole of Suzhou house prices all the way up. In August 12th, Suzhou began to implement the "opinions" on Further Strengthening the management of the real estate market in Suzhou City, Suzhou province for non buyers take part of restrictive measures, has become the first implementation of the purchase of the second tier city.

statistics show that the impact of limited purchase measures, in August the first time in Suzhou for the 9 consecutive month of rising prices, fell. However, the spillover of capital from Suzhou has affected Kunshan. According to data from the China Index Research Institute, the month of Kunshan housing prices soared 5.4%, up to $12731 per square meter, or in the statistics of the country’s one hundred cities ranked third.

sandwiched between Suzhou and Shanghai, Kunshan prices seem to have been difficult to get rid of the impact of both. "Real estate is not an isolated phenomenon in big cities," said Wu Xianghua, an associate professor at Nanjing University of Technology. Adjacent to Shanghai’s geographical advantage, in line with the Shanghai subway traffic convenience makes the Kunshan real estate market is "First come, first served.", by Shanghai investors favor.

according to the "opinions" requirements, non permanent residents in Suzhou since 29 in Kunshan for the purchase of second sets of housing, should be provided since before the date of the purchase of 2 years in Suzhou city to pay a total of more than 1 years of personal income tax or social insurance (social insurance) payment certificate. Wu Xianghua said that this is the local government to take away the measures taken by the foreign tenants".

this year, prices are rising all the way in Kunshan, in order to effectively prevent the crazy price behavior, the purchase of the policy has also been introduced in Kunshan. In a short period of time, the field will be transferred to Kunshan, Zhangjiagang and other places around the world, Kunshan prices will fall, Wu Xianghua analysis. But in the long run, the location of the field to fry tenants will gradually be occupied by local tenants, prices may continue to rise". He suggested that the government issued a long-term mechanism to better curb high prices. At present, Suzhou city has implemented a comprehensive County under the jurisdiction of the purchase, in addition to the city of Kunshan there is no other restriction measures taken by the city.

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