21 projects in Heilongjiang Province Heritage Exhibition favored

sponsored by the Wuhan Municipal People’s government and the Hubei Provincial Department of culture China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection center, the 2015 Yangtze River China intangible cultural heritage exhibition, recently in Hubei province Wuhan City International Convention and Exhibition Center held. Our province Regong Art (Duixiu Thangka, clay sculpture, bronze, silver and gold) production techniques and other 21 traditional art, traditional art and folk cultural heritage project favored by the audience.

Province Exhibition Thangka and other pieces of beautiful exhibits and heritage skills of skilled performance, attracted a number of media interviews and many spectators, for its unique craftsmanship and artistic value greatly. Huangzhong Duitou, black pottery firing techniques, Regong Art (sculpture), Raja boots production techniques and other booth in front of the crowded, heritage patience introduce production process and product characteristics, interaction with the audience. Hehuang paper-cut, Guinan Tibetan embroidered, embroidered, Tu disc Weiyuan MOET distilled wine favored by the audience. The exhibition of our province has won the attention of all sectors of society with its distinctive regional characteristics, unique and exquisite craftsmanship, rich cultural connotation and artistic value. Yangtze River Heritage Network cast your favorite non heritage exhibition activities, Qinghai exhibition by many viewers point praise, ranked second.

this exhibition in the "Yangtze River civilization heritage, sing" as the theme, from the Yangtze River in 11 provinces about more than and 400 non heritage projects, 589 representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and hundreds of workers, experts and scholars to participate in, to build cooperation and exchange platform for the protection of intangible cultural Heritage in Yangtze River basin.


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