How far is it from Xining

"Come on, the bus is coming!" "Don’t squeeze! Don’t squeeze!"…… 18 hours a day, in the provincial capital of the Yangtze River Road, the Triangle Garden Road bus station 15, always hear such a voice. These sounds are synchronized with the dispersion, fast toward the same direction at the bus station around the people gathered in front of the car, pushing into the car crowded.The

in the other bus station, the reporter found that the queuing situation is less, rather than the originating station once many people, we will queue it ride left behind.

what is the conditions? The staff explained that the installation of the waiting fence need to have an independent bus port, if there is no bus port, bus platform to reach 1.5 meters to the width of 1.7 meters. Because of the bus stop and bus stop kiosks, he believes that the installation of the waiting fence to be carried out gradually, and to allow the public to develop a good habit of queuing to ride more multi sectoral efforts.

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