Do not go through ground gas to benefit the people

Xining Huangzhong bus company not to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice in the form, not as a mere formality, listen to the opinions of the masses around the needs of the masses, improve service quality, the effective "down to earth" move, let the masses benefit.

in the party’s mass line of educational practice, by setting up a suggestion box, service hotline, registration, payment suspension advice and opinions and suggestions, opinions and suggestions will be held for the table and other forms of solicit the opinions of the masses, the company also sent managers at all levels, grassroots research visits, humbly listen to the people’s Congress, CPPCC members will continue on, and do activities in depth, said Li Li change, try to make people satisfied.Suggestions for

face lushaer town second primary school, junior middle school six DOPA Tonghai school travel inconvenience problem discussion, actively soliciting the opinions of the parents of students, the final decision in the school bus peak according to local conditions, adjust the grid frequency, solve the Tonghai junior middle school due to the construction of high speed road blocked roads to bypass the problem, the majority of teachers and students to fully enjoy the convenience brought by the integration of urban and rural public transportation.

in the bus into the village (community), the school at the same time, the company constantly improve their work style, change management concept, improve the service quality of civilization. Through service hotline, letters and visits from the masses, opinions and suggestions of the register etc. the problems reflected the continuous improvement of service quality and the civilized service throughout the party’s mass line of educational practice, to ensure that activities do not map form, not as a mere formality, not specious writing.  

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