Annual benefit of more than 7 children

Xining City Education Bureau to know, action plan for Xining a preschool three years (2011 to 2013), through increased capital investment, improve the office conditions and aiding needy children and other initiatives, the annual benefit more children in the garden.

city at all levels of various types of kindergartens, 359 children in the park, 70 thousand and 400. Since the start of 2011, a three year action plan to 2013, Xining city will preschool education into the overall plan of the city’s economic and social development, and will focus on the project and the focus of the work included in the government for the tangible things project, build wide coverage, basic security, quality of Preschool education public service system. Three years ago, only the investment in preschool education projects amounted to 150 million yuan.

the end of the first three years of action plan, Xining brewing a long time before the start of the two phase of the pre-school action plan is about to start three. By then, will focus on the expansion of pre-school education resources, improve the mechanism, security education preschool standard private kindergarten behavior and enhance the teaching quality and other aspects of efforts to make up for the short board of the provincial capital of preschool education.

Xining three year plan of action before the school


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