Lake race held today Tianshui criterium

In July 15th, thirteenth Lake race into the ninth stage of the game, Tianshui this is located in southeast of Gansu City, the first meeting of Asia’s top events, in addition to the fiery passion, the local government has all the logistical work.

from Qinghai to the southeast end of Gansu, the lake has taken a historic step. Tianshui is located in Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan provinces at the junction, which also marks the lake race has northwest green, Gansu and Ningxia fully covered, also to the northwest province of Shaanxi, another brother of the door, and let the southwest Sichuan Province, people can watch the hills. This is an important step out of the race, will bring new opportunities for the green Gansu provinces in cultural tourism and economic development.

reporter from the tournament organizing committee learned that Tianshui criterium race distance of 118 kilometers, the athletes from the door of Tianshui IRS Qinzhou District of Shuangqiao Road through Jiefang Road after entering the public road, from the public street into the Democratic Road, and then reach the Democratic Road, from the democratic road into Jianshe Road, and then to Minshan Road, and then by River Road, arrived at the end point from Shuangqiao Road IRS Qinzhou District, Shuangqiao Road gate. The athletes will circle these 10 circles. The game starts at 10 and ends at 12:40. The game and reach Tianshui after the news, many Shaanxi and Sichuan netizens on the Internet said through various channels to the spectators to the scene.

the two spectators around the race to attract
> today, thirteenth Lake Race ninth stage Tianshui criterium will start in Tianshui, Tianshui and criterium attract local people in addition to Tianshui, Shaanxi and Sichuan also attracted the masses, they get the message after the special drive to Tianshui spectators.

Lake Race successfully held, has been well known overseas, as one of the world’s most influential bicycle race, Lake race has become the hottest topic in July. Tianshui is criterium race around the lake is located in the southeast of Gansu first arrived in Tianshui, where beautiful scenery, is a famous historical and cultural city of Tianshui has been the focus of the route choice of tourists. The arrival of the lake around the city to get more tourists favor.

"I drove over from Sichuan, Mianyang, to watch the game." From Sichuan Mianyang Mr. Wang said, the Qinghai Lake saw the lake race movement, but did not expect this year to not far from Sichuan Tianshui, the query match time after their line of more than and 20 people on seven or eight vehicles dedicated to Tianshui adrian.

and Mr. Wang, there are also many specially to see Lake Race Shaanxi city of Baoji province people, some of them are sitting in the train, some people are self driving, said: "everyone wanted to see athletes riding speed and passion, only previously seen on TV, this would have on the scene fun."

when a lot of tourists from Shaanxi to Sichuan to watch the game, a lot of Tianshui people have a sense of pride. They all said: "the game will bring a great deal of publicity to Tianshui tourism;

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