North 450 greenhouses let people eat safe food

In order to allow the public to eat more affordable vegetables, this year, the north of the city to upgrade the ability of the development of vegetable industry, 150 new energy-saving solar greenhouse, the transformation of the old shed 300, promote the construction of vegetable basket. It is understood that the north area through the land transfer form, built in Tai Sheng and Eda, Bi and other scale production base acres in vegetable production mainly above 10, vegetable production base, Tao Tao Nan north, it concentrated wave 3. Relying on the green, fun, Xiang Tai Sheng production base and Hui Tian vegetable distribution center agreement selling vegetables, vegetable products through the distribution center for the city Hui Tian and community supermarket sales, let the public to eat more vegetables. Establish a brand by enhancing the quality of products, to guide the mature production bases to carry out standardized planting and pollution-free agricultural products certification, at present, has been built, Shun Hui Tian Village national standard garden vegetables 4, Tian Hui, Qu Xiang certified pollution-free base 2, 1000 acres of green certification, Hui Tian Rugua, "" Xiang Qu "chrysanthemum and other pollution-free vegetables 8. In addition, make full use of the advantages of the area of agricultural scientific research institutes, scientific and technological cooperation agreement with the Qinghai University Institute of agriculture and animal husbandry, Agricultural Sciences and other units, guide farmers to the scale of production and encourage the use of standardized vegetable planting, greenhouse, open vegetable planting area, increase vegetable yield.  

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