Beijing, the embassy has issued a series of Christmas security warning police have stepped up securi

the arrival of the annual Christmas, Chinese people have long been greatly influenced by the west to celebrate the festival. Recently, a number of foreign embassies in Beijing issued a Christmas security warning, saying that some people may be released to attack the west.

reported that the U.S. ambassador to China embassy official website of the December 24th announcement, said the information received, for Western threat events may during the Christmas season in Beijing area of Sanlitun, to remind citizens of the United States on high alert. Subsequently, the Beijing area of Sanlitun riot police cars, police also increased significantly.

Holiday the number of pedestrians, Xiaobian remind the masses Caution!, be vigilant in crowded places, to protect property and personal safety, away from the stampede where possible. If there is a problem timely alarm.

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