A ticket is hard to find! Crowded cinema comparable spring

With the rapid development of the film market, the growing habit of viewing habits, the Chinese New Year period has not only limited to friends and relatives, but choose to go to the cinema to exchange feelings, enjoy a visual feast. "Go home new year, Chinese New Year movie" New Year Spring Festival custom, makes the file cinema unusually hot, many theaters hard to get a vote, have appeared in long queues to buy tickets, many people joked: crowded degree is comparable to the spring during the Spring Festival theater.

12 Lunar New Year’s day, the reporter went to the Lake District McIlroy Jackie Chan theater, the theater is full of people, the ticket counter and selling snack bar are lined up. Reporters found that not only young people to watch the film, there are many middle-aged and young children. Large screen scroll shows the screenings, time and number of seats, many of which have been sold seats. At the same time, the reporter saw the group by the United States, such as cat’s eye network ticketing platform, the Youth Drama studios, Jiahe, Hengdian, Xing Mei, Oscar, Ding bridge, brothers and other 13 cinemas booking special seats, seat selection viewing guests have early orders, several new year movie theaters all All seats are occupied.

theater became the new camp of cultural consumption

"heard recently released a few movie, my girlfriend and I came to see, now during the Chinese New Year movie has become a good choice for leisure and entertainment." College student pony said, because the fear of temporary can not buy tickets, he booked the tickets two days in advance.

for Spring Festival theater showing a popular phenomenon, the theater staff Xiao Zheng told reporters, with the improvement of living standards, people are not satisfied with the material needs, more is to enjoy the spiritual pleasure. In addition, viewing the crowd’s desire to spend the Spring Festival is the highest time, many viewers are a few hours ahead of schedule to wait for tickets. With the improvement of the concept of cultural consumption, from the previous food and drink festivals, to now pay more attention to civilization, cultural festivals, reflecting the concept of public consumption and enhance the level of.

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