An effective way to improve the profit of chain stores

is an indispensable part of the curtain of life for everyone, it can be said for curtains is modern consumers home goods, and because the curtains not only have the effect of dust blocking resistance, more than a decorative role for the beautification of the modern family room, by the deep love, now with the improvement of living standards more and more requirement for curtains, curtain cloth stores open for business investment is not in a few, want to have the development in the market, will have a good grasp of the curtain chain stores profit promotion method:

The main source of profit of

curtain chain stores is to rely on accessories to make money, all kinds of curtain fabric, the lowest price 8 yuan / meter, the most expensive of $48 / m. Opened in the area next to the store, the price is lower. In the busy street near the curtain of chain stores, the curtain cloth price from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

curtain price is generally not high, close to the purchase price. Allegedly, the curtain fabric is not making money, and even some of the money is lost, to make money mainly in the accessories. For example, lace, curtain cloth, gauze with sinker hook are according to meters, the profit is relatively high. Even with the curtains together with accessories, if an area of about 100 square meters of the house to install curtains, at least to spend $1000, curtain chain stores can earn about $150, the profit margin is about 15%.

by several small above simple introduction, I believe many curtains now join investors have also been found to enhance the profit, the curtain of a franchise is very simple, in fact, start from the details, only pay attention to details, can let the curtain chain stores to get more profit. But Xiaobian think the most important thing is to choose a most important quality assurance to join the brand, the dream you recommended Shakespeare curtains very good.

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