Huangyuan county to improve the production and living conditions of nearly half of poor farmers

Huangyuan county through the implementation of the whole village to promote and relocation projects, so that nearly half of the county’s poor living conditions of farmers to improve significantly.

2013, Huangyuan County seize to be included in the "six Panshan area poor counties" opportunities for the 45 thousand and 500 poor people, adhere to the development oriented poverty reduction policy, to improve the production and living conditions of the poor farmers. Up to now, the county to implement the whole village to promote and relocation of the project funds 36 million 410 thousand yuan, the implementation of the project, involving poor village of 25, poor farmers, a total of 20 thousand and 700 people, a total of 5300.

this year, the implementation of the 3 Huangyuan County relocation project, involving 5 villages, farmers, a total investment of 99 million 260 thousand yuan. Among them, the application of the national poverty alleviation pilot funds 18 million 330 thousand yuan, local matching of $45 million, the people raised $35 million 930 thousand. At present, Bo hang Xiang Ma Ni Tai Cun, Shi Ya Wan Cun, Hu Si Dong village of 90% households have moved into new houses, the other two village project is being implemented. In the project development industry and poor areas to promote continuous development project of whole village, Huangyuan County, 16 million 800 thousand yuan of funds to implement, Zhahancun, Moheercun Ba Yan Xiang, Chengguan Town, Wan Feng Village, GA Zhuang village 20 village "cooperatives + base + farmers" in the form of local, village system, trafficking to cattle and sheep breeding and planting grass as the leading industry, the implementation of the whole village and contiguous development industrial development projects, projects involving poor farmers 3910 15 thousand and 400 people.

to the relocation of farmers in the following industrial development solution, Huangyuan county 1 million 280 thousand yuan of funds for the fight, Xiling village relocation of 179 households farmers in the residential building near the purchase of two 160 square meters of commercial paving. At the same time, actively introduce enterprises to help poor people to increase revenue. Among them, Sanjiang Yili Agriculture Co. Ltd. since 2012, and 10 poor villages and 1971 farmers to industry management model of "base + farmers" the implementation of the whole village project implementation period, household income above 1850 yuan in the project. (author: Xian Wenjing)


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