Do a good job in spring training spring

according to city and district related spirit, combined with the spring plowing, strong grasp of the key period, in order to cultivate a culture, understand technology, will operate the new farmers as the goal, to promote the dominant species and the main push technology and the main training as the key link, practical, practical, effective, extensive technical guidance and technical training.  
twenty in the town has organized a training course in March 1st, 2 farmers in two days of Guo Jia TA Cun, invited the training bant agricultural school teacher Hu teaching training, while take the form of questions, explain the scene combined with the actual problems raised by the villagers in agricultural production the. This training class in the training staff of 128 people, the dissemination of technical information 204, technology CD 204, issued 102 bags of spinach seeds, agricultural and animal husbandry production publicity materials of more than 700 copies, the spring training of farmers has achieved remarkable results, at twenty
  for the year of the training;

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