Special travel safety tips during the Spring Festival

Recently, influence factors of traffic safety during the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps integrated over the Spring Festival, the authority released during the Spring Festival of the province part of the road traffic guide, to remind the majority of owners of safe driving, safe home for the new year.

2 in Ledu Li hometown old road, to turn downhill snow, snow is not easy to melt, easy to freeze, prone to traffic accidents.


2 in District 109 state line road wanggaxiu 12 km long downhill, prone to large truck brake failure due to traffic accident.

Haixi police tip: prohibit driving at high speed without opening the tea lattice, secretly built in the tea into the lattice Haixi highway, traffic police will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations shall be given a heavier punishment.

1 Republican County accident prone Road: Tea high-speed 1936 km -1941 km, the road to the continuous downhill sections in turn, easily lead to failure due to vehicle braking, accidents happen.


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