Seek prescription NPC and CPPCC on people’s livelihood Difficult miscellaneous diseases

the NPC and CPPCC held on the eve of the CPPCC members on the various sectors of public attention to reflect the people’s livelihood hot issues on the topic of study, and gives a highly targeted "prescription", the "prescription", not only fully reflects the members to participate in the discussion of the enthusiasm and strong sense of responsibility it will become an important basis for government decision-making, to improve the livelihood of the people in our city of profound significance.

air pollution control how to avoid a gust of wind

public questioning pollution will not be a gust of wind? Some people said: in the near future, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and government, the city’s atmospheric environmental governance has achieved remarkable results. But how to ensure that Xining pollution is not a gust of wind, everyone is concerned about the issue of Xining.

[members] prescription] to establish long-term mechanism. NLD party proposal: key to prevent pollution, a gust of wind ", the establishment of long-term mechanism of Xining pollution, and increase efforts to investigate; removed in the construction project, the relevant departments should not only review the security measures, but also the responsibility of the unit supervision measures to reduce dust and limited removal; the survey found Huangzhong County town of Tonghai DOPA bare sand pit everywhere, suggestions from the source of governance, Huangzhong County town of Tonghai mining district should strictly DOPA mining management, a batch of excavation, mining to restore the original land in a timely manner, to avoid the bare sand.

medical workers for the treatment of

patients with headache disorder

, medical workers are people questioning the chaos nobody tube? Some people reflect: in recent years, medical institutions, the nurse team came into being, but it is still in the initial stage, exposed many problems: one is the management vacuum, causing confusion in the market is two nurses; nursing management fees fees confusion, workers social security implementation is not in place; three is the nurse team lack of basic business skills training, the overall the professional level is not high. The above situation, leading to more and more contradictions and disputes in the field.

[members] prescription] introduction of relevant systems. NLD party proposal: the administrative departments of labor, health care management regulations should be introduced as soon as possible, clear charges, management fees, staff nurse standard extraction access threshold, the establishment of nursing management frame; Nursing Jobs and occupation qualification combining training system, the implementation of nursing posts system; organize workers to participate in social insurance.

Xining people face the bike should not tangle

people asked to ride a bike can hardly bear ah! Many people said: the capital city of Xining as the lake race in the province in recent years, bike lanes have been diverted, almost impossible to find available for bike enthusiasts exercise special roads, bike storage point is missing…… It is not safe to travel by bicycle, and there is no place to save the car;

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