The seventh session of the food festival wonderful content get together

In April 30th, the seventh reporter from the Qinghai halal food and Cultural Tourism Festival (referred to as the Qing Food Festival) press conference was informed that this clean food festival in austerity at the same time, the festival element content, more diversified, including a new cosplay, Muslim Wedding photography exhibition, halal Industry Development Forum and other exciting projects. Make this clean food festival in many ways beyond the previous.

it is reported that this clean food festival will be held on May 14th -20 in the East District of Xi Feng Jing Wetland Ecological Park held a week-long time. Will be adhering to the "happy food, brand promotion," the theme of the situation and content compared with previous breakthroughs. Content is more diversified, while adding interactive, experiential programs. Activities include national song and dance performances, flowers, cooking show, Qinghai national art exhibition, the Islamic anime reality show, halal snacks and Muslim food exhibition, a total of 15. More and more exciting activities, but the festival will be more frugal. It is reported that last year, both inside and outside the province to participate in the festival of food merchants and the public daily average of seventy thousand or eighty thousand people, a total of about a total of about 600 thousand people to participate in this year’s festival, this figure is expected to be broken.

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