Xining bus for the first time a large-scale public transport by bus basic new car

According to the Bureau of finance

purchasing plan in Xining City, the city bus company commissioned in March 19th, the municipal government procurement center hosts Xining city bus project public bidding, bidding for the upcoming 622 buses in public, this is my first time for the community bus large-scale public bidding, means that the future of public bus the basic to the safety and comfort of the car.

it is reported that the bus company operates city buses have 1227, of which 80% extended service last year, at the provincial and municipal level special financial subsidies, the national oil price reform subsidies and other support, the city raised 100 million yuan, the 407 shabby buses were updated. The government procurement bidding 622 city bus project, the total purchase amount is 194 million 280 thousand yuan, including the city bus 10 meters series with two steps in front of the natural gas engine 300 cars, 11 meters with two steps of natural gas engine rear double city bus 10, the bus 622 is updated, the new car will be covered in all the new bus lines, and warm in winter, people take the bus will be more comfortable.

according to reports, the Xining city bus open tender to attract a large number of automobile industry especially in the field of car sales business, Sichuan Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd., Dandong the Yellow Sea Automobile Co. Ltd. and other 16 units to participate in public bidding, actively bid for 622 buses in the four types of vehicles. Through the open, fair and just bidding, will determine the winning unit, and be published on the relevant website. After winning the bidding unit and the project bidding agency signed a contract, 622 new buses will be put into operation in the first half. (author: Xiao Yu)

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