Sunday to the central square to choose the most beautiful building

, golden tower, display garden landscape, international grand town…… Including all of Xining’s beautiful real estate focus on the show continued to launch. What is the most beautiful building in Xining? You are the judge! To allow the general public to participate in the selection of their eyes of the most beautiful, the most beautiful evening Architecture Award will be held the first public vote in the central square on Sunday, not only "beauty contest", you can also get awards, welcome the public to actively participate in.

honed for many years, constantly seeking, the evening of the United States and the United States will be the most beautiful building is a real estate development in Xining province and a review". Sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Xining city housing security and Property Management Bureau, Xining municipal and Rural Construction Committee, the Xining Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, Xining evening news, Xining municipal government jointly hosted the evening news network the most beautiful building contest this wavewave. Especially after three days of evening the most beautiful building award candidate projects focused on the launch, in the end how to design, facilities are perfect, property service is not in place, one real estate again by the industry and the public’s attention, the most beautiful evening building and thus usher in a new round of voting boom, four channel hot vote.

April 14th 10 to 12, the evening of the most beautiful building in the Central Plaza will be held in the first public vote, which is the most beautiful building in Xining? You are the judge! As long as you participate, there will be a chance to win the prize. (author: Xiao Yu)

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