Xining airport encryption Festival flight capacity

with the traditional Festival Dragon Boat Festival and Green Fair approaching, Qinghai Airport Inc timely encryption flight capacity to ensure safe and orderly transport during the festival. It is reported that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Xining airport is expected to perform 240 sorties, transporting passengers of 28800 passengers.

at present, Xining airport has 37 routes to the country’s 30 cities. Among them, the departure of the airport from Xining to Xi’an every day there are 13 flights, Beijing, class 7, Shenzhen class, Shanghai, Hangzhou, each of the 3 classes, Chengdu, class 2. Recently, China Eastern Airlines will increase Xi’an – Xining flights, flight number MU2183/4, 1 classes per day, models for the Airbus 320; Tibet Airlines Lhasa – Xining flights, flight number TV9825/6, 3 classes per week, models for the Airbus 319; Tibet airlines have been performed by TV9817/8 Chengdu – Xining flights from the original 4 weekly encryption to 1 classes a day. (author: Jia Ming)

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