The city will stop the road zipper

Zipper road not only affects the general public travel and life, but also affect our city image. To further strengthen the standardized management of our city roads, improve the city road monitoring system, effectively solve the problem of difficult to repair the road zipper, "Xining city road repair mining management approach (Revised Draft)" is currently being further revised and improved, will be implemented.

3 17, the mutual Lane Road zipper road difficult to repair the issue was reported, caused the attention of the leaders of the municipal government, made the research, analysis of problems of mayor Wang Yubo, put forward rectification opinions "instructions. In accordance with the requirements of the instructions, the office of the municipal government office, municipal construction committee, municipal legislative affairs office, the city government, the city government and other aspects of urban road excavation and repair of the status of in-depth investigation.

is currently implementing the "Xining city road excavation restoration management measures" issued and implemented in June 12, 2002, over the years, the "measures" in the formulation of mining plan, strict road road excavation project approval procedures and standardized road excavation management has played a normative role. But with the accelerated pace of city construction, the city in the city road excavation, repeated recovery problem is not timely, the city failed to form a system of supervision and management of unified planning and unified excavation and repair, resulting in road zipper phenomenon.

is currently being revised and improved in a way that will further clarify the roads in the city to repair Mining administrative authorities in the work of mining duties, license application materials, procedures and time limit, road excavating and repair time were made clear. At the same time, will also be difficult to deal with the actual difficulties in the management of fines, standards, and will be set up in violation of the provisions of the relevant provisions of the safety and civilized construction and quality management of the project. Through a series of effective management, as far as possible to shorten the road excavation period, as soon as possible to restore the road, to make the greatest efforts to reduce the impact on the public life and urban traffic to a minimum.


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