China anti drug Foundation donated drugs to our province

8, 9, by the state narcotics control office, China narcotics Foundation sponsored by the China anti drug Foundation donated materials and community anti drug corner of the opening ceremony held in Xining.

, the state UNODC, Chinese BDF joint Guangzhou wondfo biotech and Limited by Share Ltd ACCCIM ETS Technology Co. Ltd. donated 250 thousand yuan of drug testing and regulate the value of 250 thousand yuan of 100 mobile phone anti drug for our province and other supplies, combined with no limit (Chinese) Limited company established "in 10 community I community drug book corner", for our province to donate books angle of start-up capital 150 thousand yuan.

donated drug supplies and set up a community drug book corner "is the national UNODC, Chinese narcotics control foundation to carry out" poison ruthless, human is an important content of love "as the theme of" thousand love project "of public projects, to promote the national anti drug cause forward, step by step to promote the cultural construction of community anti drug anti drug functions, help the departments carry out anti drug work, is an important measure to actively guide and participate in the anti drug anti drug social work innovation of the whole society. I will make good use of the donation means for construction of each "community drug book corner", firmly establish the anti drug prevention from the start, from the grassroots level work, deepening anti drug publicity and education, community rehabilitation (Kang Fu), drug administration, drug for our province has made new achievements lay a good base.


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