Listen to the western red education practice the mass line

March 12th, China Red Army xilujun Memorial and the national defense education base Atomic City Memorial Hall ushered in a special group of students, more than 40 western leading cadres into the memorial, the memory of martyrs, listening to the red education. They took the older generation of revolutionary martyrs as a mirror, to find their own style, in close contact with the masses of the gap.

xilujun Memorial in a photo, a piece of real confirms the martyrs of the brave, not afraid of sacrifice and dedication of the revolutionary spirit of martyrs deeds infected with the presence of everyone, so that everyone can be baptized in the heart; in the Atomic City Memorial Hall, the predecessors of selfless dedication, self-reliance and hard work, the courage to climb the "two bombs and one satellite" spirit makes visitors in thought sublimated. To carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice is not to go, do it, but to inherit the glorious tradition of the older generation of revolutionaries and communists consciously practice the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, as servants of the people, serve the welfare of the people, to promote the West better and faster economic and social development, make people’s lives more comfortable and better, more happiness." After a visit to a cadre said.

in the future, will be in accordance with the general requirements of the central west area of the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure cure, good quality further inherit and carry forward the older generation of revolutionaries, ideals and faith, remember the purpose of the party, with the spirit of martyrs inspire you to push yourself to take practical action to carry out in the party the mass line of educational practice as the vanguard of yong.


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