Holiday is not a good way to visit nearby

On the occasion of the National Day holiday, due to the scenic spots all over the country, so the city’s people’s parks, zoos, cinemas, playgrounds and other public places to become a distant place, a good place for leisure. Recently, the reporter saw in the people’s Park, because even the sunny weather day, so many people choose to go out in the park, suffused with light, drinking tea, feel relaxed holiday. Although the National Park during the National Day is also a lot of people in the park, but compared to travel out of the people, the public can not find a place away from home. In a number of cinemas in the city, the reporter saw, from 12 noon to zero the next day, all kinds of movies were very full, and queuing people also flocked to buy. People Du told reporters: this year’s national day did not go out to travel, but recently there are a lot of movies like the release, so I can get together with friends to see the film, the holiday is also very good." The reporter learned that, from October 1st onwards, the central square, sunning Plaza on all kinds of entertainment programs followed, both opera and Dance Troupe or special promotion competition, form rich artistic performances in this holiday for the public to send on a cultural feast, also let us enjoy the holiday fun people at home. Members of the public have said that now do not have to buy a ticket, not far away, you can see all kinds of local literature and art programs, such a holiday is also very interesting.  

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