Deepen the go turn to talk about a good story in Qinghai province news media, Spring Festival grassr

In order to further promote the go turn change campaign deepening, further enhance the propaganda appeal, affinity, and actively create a warm, high spirited and harmonious atmosphere of the festival, according to the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department carefully organize the spirit "on the 2016 notice of the Chinese new year to go grassroots activities", from now on, the provincial capital of the the news media will open a column in the key space and time, opened the "go grassroots year activities curtain.

for the activities carried out well, Qinghai daily, Qinghai radio and TV station, Xining evening news, west Metropolis Daily and other news media, Yuan advance planning, in accordance with the notice spirit for the focus, carefully designed "spring go grassroots activities reported plan, and will arrange to implement the manuscript, the editors and reporters to go grassroots interview. The media will be combined with their own characteristics, with illustrations, full of sound and colour form, in an important period and important layout opened "spring go grassroots" column, vigorously promote the various localities and departments to implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen big lively practice and the previous plenary session of the Central Committee and provincial Party committee of the twelve plenary session of the previous great changes; the propaganda of the party’s policy to bring the lives of ordinary people; propaganda accelerate the new changes in the new achievements brought three areas construction; publicity three strict three special education achievements; promote our province masses to celebrate the festival warm festive scene. The media editors and reporters to grass-roots level, to adhere to the unity and stability, positive publicity, reflect the change of exciting, show more deepen reform achievements achievements. To promote the theme, stimulate positive energy; to improve the style, the brush and lens at the ordinary people, good at capturing the vivid examples, actual real life details and moving scenes, make the news more vivid, more vivid; to highlight the people perspective, people’s livelihood feelings, people around the topic of concern, enhancement of news language the sense of time, sense of reality, advocating "short real new" fresh style of writing.

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