To make money – a of trousers

in our lives, the demand for pants has been a must. Small business choose to join the project, the success of the venture is so simple. Join the pants, successful venture good project, then, what are you still hesitating?

first bogey: impulse entrepreneurship lack of rational

entrepreneurs easily by the media and the headquarters to join the "entrepreneurial legend" instigated by the entrepreneurial thinking too beautiful, for the difficulties and risks behind the lack of in-depth and rational thinking. To join the venture should pay attention to the problem, there are many entrepreneurs to escape from the workplace or avoid employment and hastily embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, that the transformation of the runway will be able to solve all the problems.

join venture should pay attention to the problem, experts suggest, do not make decisions under the impulse. Before the first venture may wish to ask yourself a few questions: what is the reason I must venture? (join venture should pay attention to the problem?) after the start of each stage I want to achieve what specific goals? Business need psychological preparation, knowledge preparation, preparation, preparation of capital resources, I have what, still lack? Entrepreneurship and may face difficulties? If I work, what will happen, I can afford


second bogey: blind optimism over investment

novice entrepreneurs over optimistic about their prospects or project management ability, want to eat into a fat man ", in the scale of investment blindly, throw two hundred thousand, not one hundred and ninety thousand. (join venture should pay attention to the problem) once invested too much money, will undoubtedly increase the cost of business failures and psychological burden of business.

expert advice on hand disposable funds within one hundred and fifty thousand entrepreneurs, investment not more than one hundred thousand, micro entrepreneurial projects can be joined to some small investment, low risk, such as joining Anne Silbey Eclair 5-10 square meters stalls shops, investment 6-7 million can be opened.

third bogey: regardless of the actual follow suit

many novice entrepreneurs due to lack of confidence, easy to blindly follow suit. See what is good to sell what to sell, see others succeed that they can do. In fact, many projects have obvious regional and seasonal, not to mention the individual business and shop location differences exist, and can not blindly apply the ready-made case. Experts suggest that entrepreneurs should be based on personal advantages, regional consumption characteristics, competitive environment and other factors to make a comprehensive judgment, to choose the right project, rather than trying to copy the project has been successful.

has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice, to choose to join >

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