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eat too spicy pot of spicy hot pot with crossing this brand will not be unfamiliar, many people know this delicacy brand, many people are very familiar with the delicacy of taste, but we are not familiar with the origin and its culture. Fortunately, a few days ago to visit the spicy hot pot pot headquarters, so I would like to take this opportunity to take some of the small partners to take the ferry.

take spicy hot pot brand culture?

is the founder of the spicy hot pot pot history, he is based on the Sichuan hot pot, combined with the design of the Beijing population taste after the founder of the brand. Take spicy hot pot once listed, with a unique taste to become the famous brand in the same industry in Beijing area.

is located in Beijing, 28 stores in china. Almost all major cities have access to spicy incense pot shop. The reason why such a large market share in a relatively short period of time, mainly depends on the unique business style, human services, good environment, professional management, exclusive taste. Of course, one of the leading causes of food and beverage industry is the taste. Take spicy hot pot flavor of the two main characteristics of hemp and spicy. "Little hemp, slightly spicy" is the most appropriate description. Secondly, pay attention to the health of collocation in taste collocation, and meat together, pay attention to nutrition so take emergency fire stir fry. The most important thing is to take the spicy spicy pot mysterious recipe, this formula to eat addiction, stimulate taste, appetite.

because of the public taste, the price is also civilian prices, affordable, per capita consumption of the right, so a wide range of consumer groups, large customer base, take the benefits of joining the union are considerable. Choose to join the spicy hot pot, open the wealth of the trip, you will not regret the choice to take the ferry, take the ferry will use the most professional services to help you earn considerable wealth.

the above is the simple introduction of Du with spicy hot pot of this brand, do you take this to the crossing spicy pot feel satisfied, if you still need what other aspects of the consultation to us, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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