After 80 college students do poineering work what good

80 students have almost entirely out of school, on the job, growing environment, 80 college students has certain individuality and thought seems to be more eager for freedom, love life and not nine to five rigid to choose their own businesses, but after 80 college students start to do what is good?

80 students start to do what is good? A look at the Taobao store only, a shell, a bottle of beer on a table, easy wood any already downhearted. 80 easily earn tens of thousands of good business, just graduated from the University in 2010 when the intrigue in commercial lofty ideals and high aspirations, "war" has been grinding every vestige. Easy wood any feel have no face to face with parents, classmates and friends, he began to regret……

finally ready to give up to wood any, advertised, their clothing store plate out. At least give yourself some money to go home. Easy to wood any sway, the city he has no place to stay.

came to the park, to see so many happy people, the more easily wood any homesick. In the distance, a mother was teaching her children to draw. Wood any attracted by this picture, remember the childhood mother taught himself to draw the scene, so sweet. Not easy to wood any walked past, I saw my mother holding a child’s hand, from the side into the paint, then painted on a sum, so serious.

80 students start to do what is good? Easy to bear up until the wood any bother, they finished, "the boy is really clever, so a small oil painting."

"so amazing, the first time I heard of this"

80 students start to do what is good? "The father of the child is often in the work, no time to accompany him. Children like painting, but the condition is not good at home, can not let him go to formal training. This time he sent back from the field, the children like. And it’s really nice to paint. You can put it in his room and let him think about it."

easily moved by the woods any ordinary people’s affection. Suddenly, easy to feel inspired and wood any. Cheap and easy color digital painting, a novel and creative concept, will be welcomed. It can be used as a carrier of affection, of course, can also become a messenger of love.

80 students start to do what is good? Cheap beauty color number

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