Can individuals start service companies

labor services, it sounds like some of the country’s service sector, the individual does not seem to qualify for such a venture, which will be a lot of trouble for investors. So, the individual can start labor service company?

: hello! I ask: I would like to start a labor service company, I would like to ask the individual can be opened, which training needs? Several certificates? First to the industrial and commercial registration, or to the Labor Bureau registration? What are the differences between open employment and employment?


1, an individual may set up a labor service company, the service company must be a legal person holding the business license of enterprise legal person.

2 to start a service company, the company shall meet the following requirements and apply to the industrial and commercial department.

(1) registered capital of more than RMB 100 thousand yuan;

(2) shall have the necessary premises and necessary facilities for carrying out the labor export activities;

(3) has a sound and feasible management system and working standard;

(4) staff must have three years working experience of labor security, and through special training to the administrative department of labor security organization, held by labor and social security department issued "enterprise labor management personnel qualification certificate";

Other conditions specified in

(5) industrial and commercial registration.

The difference between

3 and labor services and occupation intermediary is: Labor companies recruit workers engaged in labor export activities, according to the "Regulations" Shanghai labor contract, signed a labor contract with the laborer, the establishment of labor relations, payment of social insurance premiums; and without intermediary signed a labor contract and labor, the amount of charge intermediary costs, need to get the labor department’s occupation intermediary license.

so, if you just have to open a labor service company plan, then, these natural conditions also need to meet, so that it can make your entrepreneurial dream, can let you with the labor service company to earn more wealth.

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