Cosmetics purchase channels know how much

for people who want to take root in the cosmetics industry for a long time, do not miss the skills to run a cosmetics shop. Want to open a cosmetics store to make money, you have to first introduce quality cosmetics for consumers. So, in the end where to purchase it? Cosmetics purchase channels know how much? The following Xiaobian for your analysis.

1, purchasing shop: pure help people in Sasa or Zhuo Yue purchase, there is a small ticket, direct purchase fee.

2, to Hongkong wholesale, and then he brought in, the seller of small trouble, because from the Hongkong Shenzhen Luohu customs, if the person carrying cosmetics or clothing or too much fruit to be caught by the customs according to the requirements of the domestic price tax, or stay in Hong Kong (that is, don’t let you take the pass. Can you call a friend in Hongkong to receive the customs), cosmetics purchase channels, and a few people will be confiscated, sometimes luck one can also take a bottle of 20, luck slightly, so many people are now here in Shenzhen on business visa (multiple entry) to help people with goods now as a kind of industry, ha ha.

3, sellers in Hongkong cosmetics company, bulk cargo, bulk transport through special channels to domestic water transport, do this line of people will pass a package, if there is a loss has nothing to do with the seller, the price and volume of products and the number of charges to go off (relatively cost-effective perfume, shampoo on the go no, you don’t think it cost-effective) lower prices are cost-effective, once the loss of transportation people will according to your compensation.

cosmetics industry increasingly fierce competition, want to get a good development, investors have to understand the know-how, you can start from the purchase channels. Understand the above several good cosmetics purchase channels, great help for your investment. Want to succeed in business, please collect the contents of the above.

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