2015 interactive marketing seminar held in Chongqing

want to succeed in business, innovation is essential, creative innovation can occupy the development advantage. Chongqing Creative Park occupies the western region of the economic belt of the two rivers, enjoy a number of unique national support policies for the future development of the Internet to lay the foundation for the development of entrepreneurship in Chongqing.

"mobile Internet era, the biggest change is the consumer habits. Now people see the most is the phone, so we do marketing through the network." Zhang Leshan revealed that he often analyze the future development trend of big data.

Chongqing Creative Park relevant responsible person said, the park will be held on a regular basis, "this is not only to participate in the activities of advertising, there are a lot of entrepreneurs, including electricity, micro business and traditional industry is facing the transformation of small and medium-sized boss. Prior to this, we held an independent designer custom clothing conference, more than and 50 designers present. In addition, we have a creative market once a week."

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