What is the secret of success in opening a porridge shop

Although the success of

shop is many people’s goals, but under the current competitive market environment, to achieve such a purpose in fact there are a lot of difficulties, even in many industries is the need to master the secret. So, what is the secret of success in opening a porridge shop?

may feel that the hotel chef often change will affect the business, but a little porridge shop opened less than half a year, has changed four times the chef, surprisingly, this shop business did not change because the chef has plummeted, but for every chef, to drink porridge even more people. Why is this? Qing porridge dishes Hu boss revealed to reporters the secret of their own porridge shop.

locked young people locked the market

young people are the main consumer market, they can find the money, more money, they identify the market locked. Hu said the boss, the gruel store is built specifically for people aged 20-45, "the health status of people over the age of 50 has been basically finalized, and their consumption concept has been fixed, in order to attract them to eat is difficult, and 20-45 years old young people tend to accept new things, but also by strengthening nutrition to improve health requirements."

talked about the original intention of the porridge shop, Hu boss said: because of work, I often eat in a small restaurant outside, many small restaurants are not only dirty, but the food is not nutritious. So he started the opening of an environment elegant, comfortable, light food, nutrition porridge shop ideas."

Management: brand is more important than profit

I always think that profit is not my main goal, how to set up the brand is the most important." For the tree from the brand, Hu boss did not mind.

in the selection of the finest dishes, Hu boss added Tammy animal bones, with small fire boil for 4 hours as the bottom again featured a variety of porridge, meat, mushrooms and vegetables as ingredients, to boiled porridge. As many varieties of porridge. With the characteristics of the main store in the porridge, congee dishes at Huadiao Medium Sweet. "Liquor, beer, beverages, Huadiao Medium Sweet warm stomach, suitable for drinking in winter."

as to why the opening of less than half a year, on the replacement of the four chefs, Hu boss played a Tai Chi with reporters, everyone needs a better platform, personnel flow is normal. But we will hire a good chef to ensure that the taste and nutritional value of porridge is not affected." But in fact, according to the reporter observed, Hu boss porridge shop was able to play a piece of heaven and earth, it is dependent on its changing dishes style.

each chef has his own specialty dishes, every time the porridge shop for the chef will be in

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