What are the misunderstanding of stocking

every year are shops selling products of the time, if you want to make money in the big time, nature also need to prepare the goods. However, there are still a lot of inventory errors, for operators, only to avoid the relevant errors, will make the business more popular. So, what are the wrong stocking?

see the Chinese New Year is approaching, consumer demand is very strong, active consumer market, undoubtedly greatly stimulated the retail business. It can be said the year is the year the best retail gold period, "priceless, scarce hard to find." Therefore, as a retail Household value, cherish this special period of time. But at the end of the year to retailers stocking, how to prepare the goods is a problem worth thinking, is a problem worthy of further study.

I recently also took the time to visit the county seat of the county and its surrounding some retail households, through observation, communication, analysis and Reflection on this deep feelings. Although many retailers are in preparation for the stock issues, and some even have some action, but some are not included in the plan. In order to help retailers do the stocking work, the author would like to take this opportunity to talk about personal views, especially in the year when the stock recommended retail households should beware of the following four mistakes, hoping to attract the majority of retailers attention, to better prepare the goods, to the retail business, lay a solid foundation for the year 2015 retail promotion.

a, blind disorder.

a year, some retailers think business customers filling, hot, lingshouhu day sent to the customer, the number of nights with flower money, the heart is extremely happy. The man is happy and his mind is easily confused. The author found that many households in the retail stocking on the existence of such problems, blindness and disorder. Specific performance as follows:

first is no clear goal. Although many retailers know the importance of stocking, but specific to how to own the stock but I do not know how to do? There is no clear goal in mind. Plus the business was busier than usual, and ignore the stocking, stocking ignore links, resulting in disorderly stocking.

second is stocked with no concrete plans. There are some retailers in the business, there is no specific plan. Think of where, even where; what to buy what. There are a number of retailers, although there are plans but not as planned, the plan becomes a mere formality. Of course, sometimes due to changes in the subjective and objective factors, a slight adjustment of the plan is normal, but it can not be no plans. Unplanned stocking, always prone to blindness.

third is a type of stocking put all sorts of things together. In fact, many retailers in the stocking, used to put all sorts of things together. Here to engage in a bit, where a little, thinking about tricks, but also can be compared. In fact, this is not a stocking

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