Share the secrets of Yiwu businessmen

Yiwu is China’s largest small commodity wholesale market base, here are many entrepreneurs, we look at how to make money in Yiwu businessmen! Why a large number of non diploma, no education of Yiwu farmers can hold up the world’s largest commodity market

began a traditional business people in Yiwu from the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, until the reform and opening up to seize the initiative, and eventually became the climate, and spectacular. In addition to the same with the merchants with upright brave, brave, hard, fine Qingeng Siqiao, all rivers run into sea of tolerance, and other cultural characteristics, these business and farmers Ueda feet how business intelligence and business spirit? Vice president Xi Jinping said: "the lack of natural resources. The lack of industrial base, the lack of foreign investment, the lack of preferential policies in Yiwu appear to be" developed, in fact, is not ‘a’ magic ‘! "The merchant of Yiwu Miao where

?The small and large

sold a year pencil, have a little money, do not think Zong Yuan to develop new products. In 1998, he borrowed 30 thousand yuan from the bank, bought a new equipment and made a pencil. Only a small number of large enterprises to produce this pencil. Zong Yuan due to low production cost, the price of each pumping pencil is lower than other enterprises 1 5 per cent, people come to goods through threshold, the factory one day to produce about 100000. A large production, profits will rise exponentially.

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