Want to succeed in business also need to pay attention to the power of habit

in this world, no one should not want to be successful, however, it is not easy to achieve success. Do you want to be successful? Cultivate good habits that will help you succeed. The power of habit is striking, and the habit of being 35 years old determines whether you are successful or not.

has such a fable:

is a no heir of the rich after the death of a large legacy of their gifts to a distant relatives, the family is a perennial living by begging beggars. The beggar, who had been accepted as an inheritance, was a millionaire. The journalist came to interview the lucky beggar, "what is the first thing you want to do after you have inherited the estate?" The beggar replied: "I want to buy a little bowl and a strong stick, so I will go begging when convenient."

visible habits have great influence on us, because it is consistent and imperceptibly influence our behavior, month after month and year after year, affects our efficiency, about our success.

only 5% of the behavior of a person in a day is not customary, while the remaining 95% of the behavior is habitual. Even break the rules of innovation, eventually evolved into a habit of innovation.

according to the results of behavioral psychology: 3 weeks or more repeat will form habits; 3 months or more repeat will form a stable habit, that is the same action repeated 3 weeks will become a habitual action, the formation of a stable habit.

relative to the work, the pressure will be greater, therefore, a good habit for career development will have a greater influence. So, if you want to get the success of the business, it is necessary to pay attention to the power of habit, so that their career will be truly amazing development.

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