The age of the nternet the age of female entrepreneurs

female entrepreneurship has entered a new stage of development in the Internet era, women no longer need to have men qualities entrepreneurship, women themselves can shape the atmosphere through the efforts of women entrepreneurship project success.

in 1990s, women trying to neutral dress, with fuzzy to reflect the value of their own. Today, women can be placed in the same position as the male thinking, and through the Internet economy, creating the value of her era.

20 in 90s, almost all of the men’s qualities are transplanted to women: big shoulders and gray and loose jacket and windbreaker. Women are eager to try to speak their own strength, such as large shoulder pads and strong muscles, and a symbol of man with wide shoulder. The reason why women give up the fit of the waist high waist skirt, in order to seek the social equality of men and women.

with men of reason, careful thinking about problems, from 123 to ABC; a play like a man, to overcome the physiological requirements of their own weaknesses; and for men, where the energy management of enterprise……

"upcoming" scene of revolutionary book proposes the view that "the Internet for mobile Internet traffic entrance, for the scene". The traditional Internet flow to build a business model based on the mobile Internet have changed: the unfamiliar street to out of WeChat’s siege, the essential reason is to construct a with strangers about guns for the user of the scene; Tencent is recommended in the success of the game,

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