Jilin City, Changchun exceeded the 2015 annual employment objectives and tasks

since the latest economic crisis, China’s unemployment rate has a slight shock. For stable employment, Changchun implementation "help" Huimin "wealth to help the industry" plan, in order to improve the stability of employment and entrepreneurship, and achieved good results.

to serve business employment multiplier effect, this year, the implementation of the "wealth to help the industry" Changchun plan, implement business incubator support policies, actively encourage and guide enterprises, universities have established business incubators, incubator, training, guidance to create an integrated service platform. This year, Changchun new business incubator base 20, support grassroots entrepreneurial leaders, the 278.

Changchun introduced "on Further Strengthening the implementation of the views of" services for migrant workers work, orderly transfer of agricultural population of people, to promote the employment of migrant workers. Currently, the city has a total of 25 migrant workers returning home business incubator base.

The beneficial effect of

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