Treat the deadbeat customer needs tolerance

customers have all sorts of strange things, since some people give money forthright, naturally there are customers will default. So, treat those deadbeat customers, how should we respond? The next small Zhang often to my shop, he is actually the consumer credit, "forgetfulness" no Haizhang habit is a very shameless customer. Because it is a neighbor, although I have complaint but not good decorum, but how to treat this kind of shameless customers?

first I often begin, diligent notes in each of his account to the credit, then I will wash the mouth often remind him again, as long as the consumption will be to beg, but he "forgetfulness" is owed money would also have, don’t owe me money. I think this method of continuous exploration and deal with shameless customers, I found his cigarettes and alcohol consumption is mainly.

not to offend him, I would draw a brand of cigarettes and a standard he needs wine respectively from the smoke cabinets and shelves "hide", when he comes, I will buy him first Lara homemade, about recent life, and then led him to think up owe me money. I will also come up with my books and instructions, which you really do, but which one you forget. Since then, he was embarrassed to buy cigarettes again empty handed.

another time, I met a middle-aged woman stole jelly, but this woman is also a regular shop. She was exposed to steal things, it is not appropriate, not to mention the future will affect the enthusiasm of my shop consumption. So do not say it, is laissez faire, if you do not control the situation, let its development, the consequences could be disastrous.

not to mention it, others when you do not see, do not say that the heart of the panic, can suppress live? When she came to checkout, I said that the jelly has not been called, perhaps she would be a bit embarrassed, but I did not say that she stole, but she did not pay the bill, to the customer face, but also to recover their losses.

although some customers like to do something not to face things, but they do not like others to say that he, if the owner to open their faces in public, will undoubtedly lose such a customer group. Therefore, we should treat those people without causing the loss of their own, try to solve the tolerance, "storm" shall not have to outwit.

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