How do customers suddenly fall ill in retail operation

business people should understand that in the course of the operation of the store is really what unexpected situations will be encountered, as the owner, naturally also need to master some skills to deal with unexpected situations. Of course, different situations need to be treated. In the daily retail business, retail customers may experience sudden illness (such as heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, low blood sugar, etc.).

in the face of such a sudden thing, say the truth, if the retail households do not have a certain emergency knowledge and skills, then often helpless, overwhelmed. I would like to deal with this kind of event is not suitable for retail consumers, but there is a dispute, but there is a risk of life, as a retail household does need to master some of the measures. Perhaps there are retail households that they are not doctors, do not understand the condition, and this kind of thing is unlikely to happen, so there is no risk, in fact, this is a wrong idea.

retail Household Song Handong told the author: "talking about this topic, I regret it. 2009 in June, a more than and 60 year old old man came to my shop ready to say that want to buy cigarettes, when I was aware of the tone of his speech very quickly, his face does not seem very good. I said to the old man: "uncle, you sit down, I’ll give you some water to drink." I had turned to the water to the old man, found him slumped in a chair, shortness of breath.

I was a moment of panic God, I do not know what to do, just to ask where the uncle is not comfortable, see uncle can not speak, I ran out to shout neighbors. From my store recently residents also have 400 meters, it is that nobody at home, I went to more than 1000 meters away from my house a few people call them, and shouted to a few people went back to the store, uncle has remain unconscious. When someone reminded the county hospital 120 emergency telephone call, but when the ambulance arrived, the doctor checked the old man said, due to sudden heart disease, dilated pupils, in serious cases, if more than and 20 minutes early emergency might be better, later the old man on his way to the county hospital died.

hey, I think this thing has always been a lingering shadow. Although the old man died and I don’t have much relationship, but if I had been able to roughly understand a little medical knowledge, judgment actually heart disease characteristics and promptly call 120, perhaps uncle have a silk hope of survival, and that nice ah. Fortunately, the uncle’s family is very reasonable, not too much blame me, but I was very uncomfortable, I then sent 2000 yuan gift, a little sympathy for their families."

review: in fact, such a phenomenon for many shops should have encountered, how to deal with, it is a course to learn. Retail Household Song Handong encountered this thing is a typical event, from which you can see if retail users can slightly understand some heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure, low blood sugar and other disease characteristics, in the face of such sudden onset >

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