The whole process is analyzed. Domain name registrar is transferred from new network to United State

from 16 January 2010 to the new network domain name transfer agents for the password to the domain registrar 13:55 Whois information in January 27, 2010 changed to Godaddy, which lasted 11 days, my domain name successfully transferred abroad.

1. Why should the domain name registrar be transferred from home to foreign countries:

1, complete control of domain name: most of the domestic top-level domain registrar with the domain owner “transfer domain password”, set up a variety of conditions (e.g., charge a year to renew the password, certificate of mailing materials etc.) to improve the domain owner “transfer domain password” difficulty, and even with all kinds of excuse you informed of the password. Domestic domain name registrar can only set two DNS server address, and foreign domain name registrar can set more than one DNS address. Foreign domain name registrar, you have full control and transfer of domain name, domain name transfer, domain name transfer can be done by your online operation, free of charge.

2, price and safety: the domestic domain name registrar, domain name registration renewals price is expensive (.Com domain name more than 100 yuan), in the agent although cheaper (about 60 yuan / year), but less control over the domain name domain name, met black agent, maybe you run hard, one day will become others. Domain name registration, renewal abroad (for example in the Godaddy discount code only $7 per year, less than 50 yuan / year).

3, the main reason: say “No” to “clientHold””. Recently, the relevant departments have found a way to pull the network cable is more convenient than the room, that is taking the domestic domain name registration notice “to the domain name clientHold (domain name suspended analysis)”, clientHold is used to register a domain name

means to disable the most simple

by the website even escape the company, domain name professional team operations were suspended on analysis of fate, so weak personal website domain name such as “soldiers in the neck”, once “clientHold” may be permanent. To prevent the domain name by Hold method is to transfer the domain to domain name registration business abroad, using foreign DNS domain registrar DNS server, DNS server or self built third party DNS server (such as can.

, 4,.Com,.Net,.Org and other international domain names or other countries domain name, can transfer to foreign domain name registrar, have “.Cn” domain name friends, resigned to fate.

two, which foreign domain name registrar is transferred to abroad?

1, enterprise choice: NETWORK, SOLUTIONS, LLC (


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