Promotion artifact SEO low class how to set foot on high-end promotion road

SEO three keys, content, promotion, user experience. Promotion as a point in the three major points, for the SEO career, is not unimportant. But SEO began to walk the wrong way many years ago, low quality, the chain and other promotion methods, so that the promotion of SEO into the bottleneck, this evil in 12 years reached the peak, low-end promotion in 12 years, K station was Baidu beat a slap hard. Since then, the promotion to the two way, first, avoid Baidu, crack down on the quality of the chain, and two is to find new ways of promotion. In fact, no matter what kind, are the same. No matter which road SEOER chooses, it is necessary to remember that no longer be able to go back to the old path of low quality promotion. In the new era, we must conform to the SEO development trend, from the user psychology, embarked on the high-end promotion of SEO road.

from product promotion to organizational promotion, high-end promotion of the first step

The content of

promotion has been a rarely discussed issue in the SEO campaign. Traditional promotional content is nothing more than web content, web products. But in recent years, the promotion of product content has slowly retreated to the background, and in the advertising industry, it is well known that the era of organizational promotion is coming. Among them, the representative advertising is 08 years of Nike Olympic Games advertising, did not promote any product, the entire advertising in the only emerging advertising element is Nike trademark. This concept has actually been used in SEO, such as Tencent has had "Tencent ten years" advertising, promotion is not QQ or any WeChat products, but Tencent itself. After that, users will no longer confuse the two concepts of Tencent and QQ, and other Tencent industries can also get rid of the shadow of QQ, but use QQ to thrive. However, this concept has not spread among small and medium websites, because this promotion does not bring immediate benefits. The benefits of organizational promotion are implicit, but also enduring. Website also should have this kind of concept, compare the brand of website commodity, the brand of the website is more important. Advanced promotion lies in whether we can put our vision in the long term and see the value of organizational popularization.

from traditional promotion to new promotion, the inevitable choice in transition period

promotion must keep pace with the times, in order to achieve the highest efficiency. Xiao Bian has done a lot of experiments in the start-up period, and for some time he has done Internet marketing in Colleges and universities. Was an independent business of local brand talk, the manager said: once to the school sponsored this traditional, expensive and less efficient way of publicity, the influence has been even less than a hot micro-blog campus. Now the product to sell, take the old road is no longer, the times in the development of the road to promotion should be promoted. The new promotion is not only to recognize the importance of new media, but also to make use of and even support emerging media. Because the new SEO and the new media are fish and water, the relationship between the lip and teeth. Independent of the power of SEOER is too limited, but if any is developing new media, will be able to get more harvest.


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